I had always drawn for fun and entertainment when I was a little kid, like when i was in kindergarten. It wasn’t until the summer of first grade when I really got into art, when I was assigned to draw the cover for the playbill we were performoing.

Peace Poster Contest

A 6th grade art assignment was suggested to a few of us to enter a worldwide competition. Schools from all over the world would send in entries to compete at world to win a trip to Australia. My entry didn’t win big but I did pass district level. So my entry went to state and I won second. Unfortunately only 1st goes to nationals but I was still proud that I made it that far and passed all of the students including ones in high school.

Chalk Walk Festival

My mom had suggested going to the chalk walk festival the past weekend. So we decided to go and I chose to do a piece of my own. My mom thought it was too late to actually enter the contest because I hadn’t planned for it. When I was finished I definitely wished I had entered! I got tons of comments all day saying how I should have entered and if I went to cordovan art school. I felt really proud of my work but I enjoyed seeing the tons of amazing experienced artists work also at the festival. I hope I can be as good as them sometime.

Present Day

I love drawing now even more than ever. Experiencing different media’s is amazing. Right now I’ve been trying chalk pastels and they’re awesome to use. In the future I hope to get an art scholarship and maybe attend cordovan art school before going to college at brown university.