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A glimpse into your child's past week! September 25th

If your child is coming home a little extra tired, it's because I've been working them hard each day! My expectations remain high, as I am confident they can more than meet them. Our ability to focus and control our volume continues to be an area to work on. The kids chose their own seats this week and, much to my surprise, behavior has improved as well.

FRIDAY FOLDERS - They are coming home with your child each Friday and need to be returned, empty, to school on Monday morning.

READING LOGS - These come home each Wednesday and the one from the week prior is due on Wednesday as well. Please make sure that it is signed and that your child completes the attached page. Remember that reading can take MANY forms - recipes, directions, having a parent read TO you, etc. This should be fun and not stressful!

MATH HOMEWORK - Students will receive their first official Math homework on Monday night. The packet coming home will read "Topic 1: Numeration" and will include all of the homework assignments for the first unit. Students should only do 1-1 on Monday night. This homework packet should remain in their binder at all times! If you are ever unsure if homework has been assigned, check our Weekly Reminder link (below).

PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES: Please sign up if you haven't already. Thanks!

Please make sure your child has:

- been bringing their binder to and from school EVERY day

- logged into their Pearson Math account from home and made sure they can access videos

- been neatly filling out their planner and showing it to you nightly

- sharp pencils every day

1st 100 Frye Words

This week students were pre-assessed on their ability to accurately spell 100 common sight words. A link to these words for practice throughout the marking period can be found below:

Your child's specific word list can be found in their binder in a page protector.


In Science we used Google Earth to help learn about our Earth's land features. Students created a flip book to help identify the various features. Next week we will be learning how landforms change slowly and quickly.
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We continued our practice of directions using a compass and also created a flip book depicting our location at school to the rest of the world. Next week we will learn and use intermediate directions and begin to learn about Michigan as a peninsula, including the man-made feature that connects the two!

We are fortunate that in third grade we spend the year learning about MICHIGAN!

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This week students took their Topic 16 Test in Math. We started with Topic 16 because it dealt with data. The kids did AWESOME!

We will now begin Topic 1 and this is when students can expect to begin having homework, beginning Monday night. Students will be keeping their Topic 1 homework Packet in their binder and it will come to and from school each day.

On that note, you can check the Weekly Reminder page at any time to see what homework has been assigned and the reminders that have been given. The link is located at the bottom of our newsletter.


Your child has an AR Quiz sheet (it is bright yellow) along with a goal specific to them in their binder. They received it on Thursday afternoon. Any books that they read at home they may also add to their AR Quiz sheet so that they remember to take quizzes on those books once back at school. Unsure if a book is an AR book? can solve that problem!
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We have been telling all sorts of stories and generating possible story ideas for our upcoming Personal Narratives. The kids have had a lot of fun sharing with their writing partner and are anxious to really start putting their ideas down on paper!


Link to our Class Schedule

Coming Soon!

For now:

Tuesdays - Library 2:00 - 2:45

Fridays - Computer Lab 9:30 - 10:30

Mon/Wed = Gym, Tues/Thurs = Music, Fri = Movement


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Community Service Projects

Alise spent a day helping out a family friend. I'm sure the friend appreciated her thoughtfulness!
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