Ixonia News

Weekly Update 2/1/16 through 2/5/16


Like any week, last week was filled with peaks and valleys. To start, I cannot begin to express how impressed I was with the musical, Rats! In only 15 short rehearsals, Debbie Berg was able to transform our 3rd and 4th graders into a team -- a team that worked together to accomplish something fantastic, which they took great pride and ownership in. Most important of all, this was an opportunity for kids who might not always find school easy to shine! And all our Ixonia students were given the opportunity to be inspired by their performance, which might grow an interest in some of them. Also, this week there were the opportunities for students to collectively achieve the goal of 1000 falcon feathers and clean cubbies. And the opportunity for our staff to round out the week for a fun evening at the Timm's house. (Thanks for hosting, Traci!)

That's what Ixonia School is filled with....opportunities to belong, to achieve, to grow, to learn, to celebrate. So even on some of our challenging days, it's so important to remember that we come together everyday to provide each child the opportunity to have a school community that cares for who they are and what they need -- at whatever level that might be. It's an incredible opportunity we share and I am grateful.

Have a great week!

Staff Meeting Agenda

In the Google doc "2015-16 staff meetings" I've also been adding the BLT agendas. Again, if you have a topic you'd like to discuss or an idea that you'd like to share, feel free and sign up for a slot on the doc.

TUESDAY 7:30-8:15

  • SWIS data updates 7:30-7:45
  • Book study 7:45-8:15

Wisconsin Forward Exam - Grades 3-4 only

So, last week we celebrated the completion of Winter MAP. This week, I'm laying the ground work for the Wisconsin Forward Exam (replacing the Smarter Balanced Exam).

Here's what Ixonia staff need to know:

  • ELA & Math tested in grades 3 & 4
  • Social studies & science in grade 4
  • Testing window = March 28-May 20 (BLT will decide the testing window and inform by end of February)
  • May 9 starts the spring MAP window, so we will want to space these exam enough apart.
  • All computer based, so we will need work out a sign-up for the lab

After a schedule has been determined, I will send communication about proctor training & practice tests. Stay tuned....

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We are mid-way through the year, and after I consider the clubs that are already scheduled for 2nd semester, we still have 60 hours available for additional clubs. Clubs can be during your lunch, before school or after school. Lego/Engineering/Maker Club? Environmental club? Student council? Sports club? See me ASAP if you have any interest/ideas.

Ixonia will continue the tradition of a TALENT SHOW. I will be looking for an advisor to plan and coordinate this event, which will be compensated like a club advisor. Anyone interested? Amy Ciesielski's long-term sub (who starts in March) said she would be willing to help out, but my first choice would be to have someone who can continue this into future years.

Upcoming conferences

At BLT, we decided that we will not be using Sign-up Genuis for our spring conferences as conferences are by request only. It is easier to set those up on your own. You should all have the conference request forms. Please send them home on Friday, February 5th.

Though we have our set conference nights, I understand that you are all trying to accommodate parents' schedules. If you end up scheduling a few conferences outside of the conference dates, please see me if you'd like to leave an hour early from the February conference night.

Ordering classroom books

If you have classroom books falling apart and need to be replaced, we still have money available to do so. If there are some that just need some repair, please place them in the office with your name on them. We will get them repaired for you.

If you feel like your classroom library does not have enough options for students' of all interests and levels, or you need sets for book clubs, please see me and we can come up with a plan for ordering what you need.