Academic English 2

Do you speak English?


Welcome to Academic English 2, also known as AE-2.

This term we will be using a new text book called Q: Skills for listening and Speaking 3. I know, I know... the class is called AE-2 but the book is called Q: Skills ~ 3. What's that all about? ;-p

Your instructor

Gregory S. Lewis (그레그)

Please call me Greg, however, you must remember that my last name is Lewis. You must remember my last name because there are two other Greg's who teach here at the GILC. If you are looking for me and ask, 'Where is greg?', you will probably get asked, 'Which greg?' Now you know to answer, 'Greg Lewis'.

Click on the above 'Syllabus' button for a video of Greg introducing himself and a look at a sample syllabus.

Days and Times

Staring on Monday, March 03, 2014, I will be teaching AE-2 on the following schedule;

Monday and Thursday, periods 1 and 2

Monday and Wednesday, periods 3 and 4

Monday and Wednesday, periods 5 and 6

Tuesday and Thursday, periods 3 and 4

Tuesday and Friday, periods 1 and 2

Q; How can I get an A in your class?

A; Most of all, be curious. Other than that, know everything in the textbook, do all the homework, come to every class, and participate.

Q; Do many people fail your classes?

A; The people who fail are the students who are absent or late, and don't participate. If you come to every class, you're on time and you participate, you should have no problem passing.

Q; I can't understand English. What should I do? 영어를 잘 못 합니다. 어떻게 해야 할까요?

A; Learning a language is a lot of work and takes a long time. Think about things you like to do and talk about them in English. Also, ask for help when you're stuck, and ask lots of questions.

언어를 배운다는것은 공부를 많이 해야 하며 시간이 많이 걸립니다. 자기가 하고자 하는것을 영어로 생각해 보고 또 그 생각한 것을 영어로 말해 보십시요. 그리고 공부 하다가 막히는 부분이 있으면 도움을 청하세요. 그리고 질문을 많이 많이 하십시요.