The war is over! War of 1812

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Important people

  • One of the most important people was James Madison.
  • Dolly Madison, she saved some things in the white house!
  • Andrew Jackson, he was a general in the war. if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be here right now in 1815.
  • John Armstrong, he was a secretary for James Madison.


Oh my gosh, I was just told that only 76 people died, on our side

Effects of the war

The effect of the war was an increase of soldiers, and gratitude. It gave us a lot of respect.


Obviously, you should know when it started and ended, but I can tell you if you don't know! It started in 1812 - 1814, (almost 1815.)

The cause of the war, and Native Americans

Apparently, the cause was because we were trading with French, which made the British mad. But we also traded with the British which made the French mad. Britain the Native Americans guns, I can't believe it. I am glad we won.


I asked a few people of their opinion of the war, and they said: It was terrible! Why did they attack us? The french and British are brainless! Well there you have it, the opinion.

War of 1812


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