The "Teabaggers" Unite

The creation of the teaparty

The Creation

The Tea Party was created by Dr. Ron Paul, and can be traced back to 2007; right before Obama and as George Bush was leaving office. It is a sub-party in politics that lies with views in the conservative, populist, and libertarian. It is a political sub-group that is spread through the entire country. It was created to create a unity between the entire republican side in a specific light.

History On the Name

The Tea Party

The Tea Party is based around the ideals of the original citizens and colonists of America. They took there name from the Boston Tea Party, and even took logos and flags from their original movement.

Bias In the Media

Fox News

Fox News portrays the negatives as positives and slight inconveniences. Fox News is very pro tea party and talks about them in a very biased light compared to CNN even. Its really hard to not read the article and just gain this biased feeling of wanting for the party.

The Daily Show

The Daily Show tends to say they are an extremist group. They want a takeover of the american people. The show portrays them in a light as being the most radical political party want-to-be out there.



My Veiws

I view the party as an extremist group of mostly whites, and mostly men. They hold sexist and racist, outdated, views and core goals. I see them as being a major downfall of the American people. The party was created by the Koch brothers and Ron Paul; to me that shows greed as being a core goal in this party. I do not trust the party and am quite scared of them gaining any potential to implement their extremist views into American lives.