The Crucible

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Abouth the characters

John Proctor had an affair with a 17 year old girl named Abigail Williams. John Proctor is married to Elizabeth Proctor and she doesn't know about the affair between her husband and her maid. Abigail was accused of witchcraft and was bringing in other women along with her so she framed Elizabeth, John Proctors wife. Abigail had been found in the woods dancing with other women and were all accused of witchcraft. They all where scared because the penalty for being accused of witchcraft was death unless innocent. During the accusation Abigail was having an affair with John Proctor, who was married. He did not want her any more but she kept going on about the times they had. She was a maid of his house and his wife had nothing to do with the witchcraft accusations.

Accuse of Elizabeth Proctor

Abigail Williams was mad at john Proctor because he rejected her after she wanted him to keep there affair going on. She was the maid of his house and she wanted to get back at him so she gave John Proctors wife Elizabeth Proctor a doll and the doll had a needle in its stomach but Elizabeth didn't know. Soon at a dinner Abigail acted like her stomach was hurting and stuck a needle in her. When the people went up to her she took it out and they said it was cause of witchcraft, they searched the house and found the doll with the needle and Elizabeth claimed it was hers so they took her accused of witchcraft.

They where all accused cause of ignorance and brought into the problem cause of Obsession.


In modern life people have affairs between family and friends or random people, they cause problems between family's because of there lies. Some people are judged by how they act or look and the people judging them really don't know anything about the other person. That causes roomers and problems that can end up bad just like in Salem, the girls where judged by what they where doing in the woods. They said they where witches because they where dancing. In the story of The Crucible Abigail was having an affair with John Proctor and she became obsessed with him. That caused for her to frame his wife Elizabeth Proctor so she could be called a witch and go to jail like the rest. Today obsession causes big problems like framing others or even killing others.

All though the time has passed and we live in a different time period many things havent changed only the materialistic things have.