First Grade

October 17 - October 21

This week's spelling words:

Reminder: All backwards letters will be marked wrong!







Bonus Words:

after, read, draw, was, pictures, write

Upcoming Events

October 14 - End of first quarter

October 19 - Mobile Dentist

October 20 - Report cards come home


October 21st & October 24th - NO SCHOOL

Red Ribbon Week

Tuesday October 25: YOLO-You only live once so staying Drug-free helps make my dreams come true!- Wear pajamas
Wednesday October 26: I elect to be drug-free. Wear patriotic or red, white, blue attire
Thursday October 27- Stay Drug-free every decade! Dress up in different decade. 50's, 60's 80's, etc
Friday October 28- Stay Strong with a drug-free spirit! Say no to drugs and live a healthy life! Dress in favorite sport gear or work out clothing- fishing, gymnastics, FB, baseball, etc. or Brickie spirit gear
Monday October 31- Let's show good character, book character by being drug-free. Dress up as favorite book character (must be school appropriate)

Classroom Reminders

As the weather is starting to change, please make sure your child has coat or sweatshirt.


This week we are on Lesson 9. Our stories are "Dr. Seuss" and "Two Poems from Dr. Seuss."

We will be working on singular and plural nouns and antonyms.

Books will come on Thursdays and please remember you do have online access.


This week we will read "Chinatown." We will write about a place that is special to us.

We are now expecting two sentences on topic. Both sentences must start with a capital letter and end with the correct ending mark.

Please go over your child's papers that come home. Many students are still writing backwards letters, random capitals and not using the lines correctly. If you notice your child doing any of these, please have him/her correct the work at home.


We will be working on "fact families" using addition equations to help us solve subtraction equations.

You do have online access to our math series which includes games. Click the link below!

Mrs. Purcell

Monday - Library

Tuesday - Music

Wednesday - Art

Thursday - Gym

Friday - Art

Mrs. Dorin

Monday - Music

Tuesday - Library

Wednesday - Gym

Thursday - Art

Friday - Gym