Year 6 Newsletter

Term 3 - 28.04.2017

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Unit of Inquiry ; How We Express Ourselves

Creating and responding to the arts develops our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • the different elements used to communicate and convey ideas to others
  • the relationship between artists and audience
  • how artists continually reflect to improve their ideas and performances

Exhibition excitement grips the year group

Last week saw the beginning of the Year 6 Exhibition. The theme for this unit of inquiry is How We Express Ourselves which will see the children inquiring into a particular art form that excites them. Like last year, we once again have a vast range of mediums which the children have chosen to explore, from Hip Hop dancing to natural sculpture the children have exposed their individual interests that spark their enthusiasm. Over the next 6 weeks, we will be on a journey of self discovery that will culminate in a wonderful presentation of the skills and passions the year 6 children possess. We hope you enjoy the winding path that the children take and are on hand to support them with resources, a listening ear and an open mind along the way.

If you would like to share your talents, passions and interests with small groups of children throughout the exhibition process, please click the link here and fill in the form.

Any and all volunteers are welcomed and appreciated.

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Exhibition Pie Chart by Marcus Wu and Cheuk Hin Li, 6S

Maths: Perimeter, Area and Volume

In Maths, we are exploring the concept of space. The children will be identifying the perimeter and area of triangles, circles and other irregular 2D shapes before applying this knowledge to containers and their carrying capacity.

Why not take a look at some containers around your home and try to calculate their volume.

Mini Games Tournament

The final games session of the year saw the four houses battle it out in the different disciplines that they have been learning since October. The children chose the events that they wished to compete in and competed for an hour before lunch, on Wednesday. Be sure to take a look at Mr. Luck’s newsletter next week to find out the winners of the Rugby, Hockey, Netball and Athletics events, as well as the overall tournament winner.

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On Thursday 27 April, Year 4, 5 and 6 watched the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation perform a spectacular show - Melodia. The thoroughly entertaining display of singing, gymnastics, dance and acting was a perfect vehicle to showcase expressive arts at its best.

The story captured the children’s imagination and delivered many poignant messages on life that support many of the PYP attitudes taught in school.

A special congratulations goes to Nicholas Yu, now in Year 7 at West Island School, whose performance was outstanding. While in Year 6 at Kennedy School, Nicholas’ exhibition was based on performance art and it was wonderful to see him entertaining the audience with his vast array of skills.

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ICT Advice from WIS Digital Leaders

During this term the children are receiving four ICT courses based on e-safety and use of IT. The student presenters from West Island school delivered an informative session on password protection and the safer internet surfing. Today they had a tutorial on presentation skills.

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West Island Transition

Over the next two weeks, the students will be venturing to West Island School to have a taster of Year 7 life.

This exciting experience is a great opportunity and marks the beginning of this wonderful year group's transition to the next stage of their education.

Thursday 4th & Friday 5th May: 6R, 6RO, 6S

Tuesday 9th & Wednesday 10th May: 6P, 6M

Important Dates in 2017:

Swimming for all Year 6 will be on the following dates:

Wednesday 17th, 24th, 31st May, &th, 14th 21st June

Exhibition Evening:

Thursday 25th May - evening, time TBD