By Eba and Jasmine

What jaguars need to survive

Jaguars eat white tailed deers,panthers,capybaras,turtles,snakes,tapirs,monkeys,wild pigs,frogs and fish.

Where jaguars live

Jaguars live at rainforest,grasslands,swamps and deserts.

A jaguars life cycle

A jaguars life starts with birth.Jaguars have 1 to 4 cubs.The mother jaguar nurses her cubs for 5 months.The cubs can eat food when there 2 months old.Eating meats a cubs first step toward eating solid food.The cubs remain with their mother for an year and half.The mother teaches her cubs how to survive.Finaly the cubs are adults.

Jaguar features

Jaguars fish with their tail.Jaguars jump on their food.Jaguars use their teeth to kill their food.jaguars can swim.Jaguars use their claws to kill their prey.Jaguars have powerful teeth and jaws.

How people effect jaguars

Farmers are killing jaguars by hunting their fur because the jaguars killed their cattle.