Ms. Bachhuber's Bulletin

December 11th

Multi-Digit Multiplication

Your child learned multi-digit multiplication today using the box-method. This is different than the way you probably learned it (It's different than the way I originally learned it too!) Have your child show you an example of how to do this method. (Ex: 24 x 36 = [864]) This is a fresh concept, please know that we will be working on this for the remainder of Unit 5! I have attached some videos that show how the box-method works as well! Please don't hesitate to email if you have any questions!


Multiplication Box Method Strategy
Box Multiplication


We have started to write informational feature articles. Each student has done research and have been revising, editing, and beginning to publish onto our Chromebooks. They are writing about the conflicts and resolutions within the Civil War or the Revolutionary War.

Ask your child about their feature article!

Everyday Mathematics

Your child's Unit 4 math test has been graded and returned today.

We will continue with Unit 5. This unit will include:

  • Extended multiplication facts
  • Estimates for products in the hundreds
  • Multiplying a 1 digit number by a 2, 3, or 4 digit number
  • Multiplying 2 two-digit numbers
  • Comparing multi-digit whole numbers
  • Rounding whole numbers to the millions place

Ask your child:

What is 4 x 300? (1,200)

What is 60 x 80? (4,800)

What is 7 x 4,000? (28,000)

What is 30 x 500? (15,000)

Holiday Party

Our classroom holiday party will be held in the afternoon on Tuesday, December 22nd. If you are interested in donating items for our party, the sign up sheets will be coming home on Monday.

Fourth Grade Giving Tree

Every year each grade level chooses to donate items to people in need. This year 4th grade has chosen to support the Fort Atkinson Food Pantry. Outside our classroom a "Giving Tree" with ornaments has been set up. Each ornament has a specific item that the Fort Pantry needs. Please consider encouraging your child to take an ornament off the tree to donate to people in need this holiday season. The final day to donate items to the Food Pantry will be Tuesday December 23rd.


This month Green Team is working with each grade level to collect unused pencils and gently used pens to donate for an organization called Right-to-Write. This organization donates the unused pencils and gently used pens to developing countries. These items are donated to schools, hospitals, orphanages, and more! Each grade level has a basket outside their classrooms to put these items in.

Green Team will be collected these items until Tuesday, December 22nd.


Keep up the great work with filling out your 20/20 Reading Calendars and reading every night!

Important Dates to Remember

December 22nd - Last day to donate to Right-to-Write and Fort Food Pantry

December 23rd- January 3rd - Winter Break

Green Team Theme for December

Watch this Green Team message for the month of December!

Panther Times

Several fourth and fifth grade students created a School Newspaper group this year. They will be sending out an issue of the Panther Times quarterly. Click on the link to check out what these kiddos have to say about what's going on at Purdy!

Volume 1 Issue 1 : Panther Times