An Increasing Problem in Today's Society

Bullying has become an increasing problem in and outside of schools. It is only recently, with the increase in teen suicides, that anyone has started to notice something should be done about it. So now there are many anti-bullying laws, programs, groups and speakers throughout the country helping to get people to notice this huge and growing problem.
Teen suicide is the second leading cause of death in teens, a huge part of this is because of bullying. Bullying pushes teens into silence, making them fear that if they told someone, it would only get worse. Because of this teens do not tell adults until it is basically too late to help

School shootings have become a monthly regular in some way or another on the news. Bullied teens are put in a psychological state, where the only thing on their mind is revenge. They do not care what happens, they want it over. This is the result of some pretty severe bullying, probably some that has lasted for years. This only further proves the point of the problem growing and becoming worse and worse.

These reasons, and many more, are the reasons school officials and law enforcement have finally started to notice that something should be done about it. Now there are many programs to help bullied kids and teens. These programs highlight important effects of bullying, and many more important things. Although these exist, most, practically all, do not work at all. They do not change the bully's opinion at all. There are also laws to help with bullying. Most states have a law stating if you encourage suicide, and the person commits it, you can be arrested for indirect manslaughter, and get a $25,000 fine and 10+ years in prison. This law may exist, but is really not enforced. These are examples of things trying to help the bullied kids and teens, but ultimately failed, and did not help at all