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About Our Events this Year

This year we have been so busy! We had a very successful spelling club and we met in Class connect on Fridays. We look forward to adding more students to our spelling club next year. Then we held our Bee Kind events in December all over the state. We had winners from each Bee Kind and they are moving onto advanced bees throughout the state. We also put together care packages for those in need.

Meet Our Winners

All our winners from Bee Kind events

Congratulations to the following students who won in our Pee Wee and regular level spelling bees at our Bee Kind events throughout the state: Ella H., David G., Christian B., Alexander O., Connor W., Raelynn F., Aabron H., Samuel B., Aadon H., Aaron H., Max Z., James S., Hamza A., Sophia M., Neil S., Mika S., Ellina H., David C., Calvin C., Adrian M., Austin O., Gabriella A., Daniela M., Grace E., Tristian H., Audrey B., Ellen J., Sawyer L., Caleb E., Xavier B., Gene W., Brent A., Tad L., Maximilian G., Josephine L.,

Then Neil S. (middle picture above) went on from our Cuyahoga County Bee to win the regional bee in Northeast Ohio!! Congratulations Neil!!!