Night of the twisters

Ivy Ruckman

saving Jack


In Grand island ,Nebraska there is 10 to 15 twisters in one day! The characters are Dan Aurther, and Stacey. They all have to survive the twisters Dan has a crush on Stacey They need to save people And they need to help people. If they can survive the twister the and make things normal it will save there town. only lots of people will survive this event. This event is based off a true story that means it really happen the book is way more different that the awsome summary!!!

the setting

The setting is Grand island,Nebraska this is a dirty setting in the middle at the end of the movie it is all sunny and clear and happy.


Dan, Stacey, Aurther, Mrs hatch ,Jack,Ryan,Ronnie Vae, and officer Kelly, Grandma bell.

the solution and problem

The first solution is take cover the 2nd solution is to drive away fast some problems are the twisters the 2nd problem is things flying debre.