April Ends!!!

April 25th- 29th

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A Day at the Gym by Michael

This week in track I went to the Fitness room with my teammates and coaches. The fitness room has bikes, weights, and heavy balls. Our coaches, Mr. Burns and Ms. Stephanie, wrote on the whiteboard the exercise routine and the repetitions I should do. For example I did 20 jumping jacks, 10 squats, and 10 curls with weights. I did it once and then I did it again. I would do the routine for 20 minutes , then I would go to the bikes. It is important to do this because it helps my body get stronger.

It’s a tough workout , I sweat , but I knew I could do it!

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Make Way for Ducklings-Brookside by Ben

Two weeks ago when I was walking into music class I saw a mommy duck with 13 little babies in the courtyard. Their nest was made over spring break. After a few days Mr. Princing and Mrs. I.T. took them to the Ramsey Brook behind the school. They traveled from the courtyard to the brook when the teachers walked them through the hallways.I wish I had seen it.

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History Project by Jack

In History class, we are learning about religion. The 8 religions are Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Shinto, and Confucianism. Our class was divided into 8 groups and each group is responsible for teaching the class about their religion. My group is doing Judaism and we completed a slide presentation and some fun activities. On Thursday, our group is presenting. You get a sneak preview of our lesson. I hope you enjoy it!
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Harlem Wizards! by Christian

The Harlem Wizards are coming to Allendale on Friday June 3rd from 7pm-9pm. Today we are getting a taste of them and their moves. They do some creative moves with a basketball. For example they can spin a basketball on one finger. On June 3rd it will be exciting to see the the Harlem Wizards play against the parents and teachers.
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Badminton by John

In Mrs. Triolo’s class we are playing badminton. Badminton is a really fun game to play. It originated more than 2,000 years ago. In the 1600s Battledore and Shuttlecock was an upper class pastime in England and many European countries. All you need to play is a racket, a birdie and a net. We did not really get a lot of playing time, although when we do play it is so much fun. My partner is Jack Amsterdam and he is so good that I can’t even catch up.
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History Class! by Gage

Last week, I worked in History class, with my group. I am getting ready to teach the class about the Islam religion. On May 2nd, my group is going to teach the students about the Islamic religion. On May 10th, my group is going to give a speech about the Islamic religion to the students. I think this project we are doing is fun, and we learned a lot.
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PARCC by Hailey and Monserrat

In the PARCC testing their are many different skills tested for different grades. The Math Parcc was hard because there were many challenging graphs. Finding the answer to the formulas was easy because before the test we had many resources to learn. When multiplying on the test it was challenging to find the answer because there was no multiple choice answers to choose from. The Language Arts PARCC vwasn't as challenging as the math because the stories were very understandable. Some vocabulary was very hard to understand. The language arts section had one passage to write. And the rest were multiple choice. But that may have been different for different grades.