School Community and Resources

Daphne High School

Local Government Resources

1. Mayor Dane Haygood

2. Judge Michael Hoyt

3. Judge Harry Wilters

4. Daphne City Council Members

5. Daphne Police and Fire Department

6. Military Branch Representatives

7. Baldwin County Probate/ Board of Registrars

**Each agency partners with Principals, Teachers, Organizations, Clubs and Sports teams ** Guest Speakers for SGA, Government and Law classes, Health and Safety, Red Ribbon/ Drug Awareness Programs, Youth in Government Club, Athletic Funding, Model UN and numerous other possibilities.

Service and Charitable Organizations

1. Baldwin County Mental Organization

2. Altapoint (Drug and Mental Rehabilitation)

3. United Way of Alabama/Baldwin County

4. Lighthouse (Home for families of abused/ violence

5. PTSO (Parent Teacher Service Organization

*** Each Organization provides resources for Teachers, Parents, Students and Administrators*** Staff professional development opportunities and awareness programs.

Private Sector Sponsors

1. Nike (Hibbetts Sports Authority)

2. Pepsi Buffalo Rock

3. Local Restaurants

4. Airbus (Assembly Plant)

5. Austal ( Ship building )

6. AIDT (Maritime Training)

*** Valuable resources for Guest speakers, Career /technical information, Culinary Arts programs. Fundraising opportunities***

Religious Organizations

1. Daphne United Methodist Church

2. 3 Circles Church

3. City Hope Church of Daphne

4. Christ The King Catholic Church

The above organizations have partnered with Daphne in providing. Staff luncheons, Guest Speakers, Athletic/Coaches Bible service, Baccalaureate facilities, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, First Priority, Crisis counseling along with specific financial and emotional family support