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Volume I Issue 3

Great Things Happening in Our Classrooms at West Middle School!

While explaining the process of clay and plaster, Ms. Bower makes interdisciplinary connections for students when using words such as "concave" and "convex". She shows students that the first product is not the final product by having students manipulate the clay to create and start over many times. This type of activity also is used to teach the writing process of brainstorming, revising, editing and drafting with play-doh. Example 1 and Example 2


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Strategies, Strategies, Strategies

The Whiteboarding Mistake Game is an effective way to engage in active learning not only for those presenting but those who are listening. The link shares how it works, the benefits and some pitfalls for: Whiteboarding Mistake Game

Warm-up routines are effective and a great way to formative assess your students. The following is an activity can be used across content areas: My Favorite No: Learning from Mistakes Video 5:45


Ms. Jackson used "Plickers" to collect real-time formative assessment data after students learned and practiced the lesson promoting a growth mindset.

Sometimes challenges are avoided, as to fail suggests they "lack the intelligence" required. Formative assessments or checking student comprehension let's teachers know where students are at after practicing a lesson.

Plicker example and How to use Plickers

Tech Bytes!

TodaysMeet is used as a classroom chat. It empowers student voices, especially for learners who don't like to participate out loud. 20 Ways to Use Todaysmeet.com

TodaysMeet tutorial Video 4:11

Atomic Learning: provides a list of online learning resources for teacher and possibly students. Sign in here or you can find the link on the Internal Portal.

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