Herschel space observatory

By Michael Howard & Madi McGraw

Where is your observatory or telescope located?

In Earth's orbit

Which part of the electromagnetic spectrum does it capture?

It will perform photo imaging photomeatry and spectroscopes in the far infared and sub millimere range

Describe the telescope, how it works and what measures must be taken so that it can function properly?

It has the largest single mirror ever built for a space telescope.The 3.5 Cassegrain telescope's maintaince includes helium because once it ran out on April 29, 2013 they had to reset the program

How many telescopes are located at this observatory?

One telescope; also has a photo detector array camera and spectrometer, spectral & photo metric imaging receiver, plus a heterodyne instrument for the far infared.

What major discoveries have been made?

Made over 3500 scientific observations and amassing 2500 hours of scientific data, including a major discovery in star formations.

Why is this site excellent for an observatory?

Because space observations are great for terrestrial and celestial discoveries. Getting more information than ever possible from Earth.

What current research/improvements are being made?

None...because it's no longer in use

How is the data collected and used?

Through photography, originally through a ccd now it uses (check 4)


The Hershel space observatory was built by the European space agency and was active from 2009-2013. Earning the title as the the largest in-fared telescope ever launched.