The Great Egg Drop

George's Great Fall in the Cloud

The Process

My partner was Kaitlyn Schauske.When we built the Cloud we used the engineering process more than the scientific process. Our problem was that we had to make a contraption to keep our egg safe from a horrendous fall.

When we got our first opportunity to work we first brainstormed. When we started talking we both had different ideas that we thought would work. We couldn't decide on what idea to use so we combined them together.

Our contraption consisted of the piece of plastic bag, 2 Dixie cups, string, tape, cotton balls, and packing peanuts. When we were putting it together we encountered a few problems like, not having enough of what needed.

Then we decided to test it by putting a plastic egg in side our contraption. When we dropped it worked, but we wanted to improve it because a real egg is more fragile than a plastic egg. So we decided to utilize our cardboard and paper. So we made a landing box for our egg. We used the paper as padding and our extra packing peanuts too. Then we tested our new prototype and it worked great!

Drop Day

When it came to drop day everybody was excited to see if their contraption was going to fail or succeed. Everybody prepared their contraptions for the drop. Then we headed outside. When we got outside we saw the fire truck. It took a while to get the ladder up but it was ok. then Mr.Karcz started dropping them. When it came time to drop ours it was exciting! They dropped it then we had to get our picture taken. When we got back to the crowd we opened George's capsule up. He didn't die! We were so happy we threw him in the trash can.