Amendment 18


Why Amendment 18 was enforced??

The Eighteenth Amendment (Amendment XVIII) of the United States Constitution effectively established the prohibition of alcoholic beverages in the United States by declaring the production, transport and sale of (though not the consumption or private possession of) alcohol illegal. The Amendment was the first to set a time delay before it would take effect following ratification, and the first to set a time limit for its ratification by the states. Its ratification was certified on January 16, 1919, with the amendment taking effect on January 17, 1920. The amendment was repealed in 1933 by ratification of the Twenty-first Amendment, the only instance in United States history that a constitutional amendment was repealed in its entirety.

The 18TH Amendment reads:

"Thirteen months after the 18th amendment was passed by Congress Nebraska became the 36th state to ratify it January 16,1919. The amendment became law January 17,1920.

At first the Amendment was working. Liquor consumption dropped, arrest Drunkenness fell And the price for illegal alcohol rose.

Prohibition, 18th Amendment 1920-1933

Alcohol Prohibition, 18th Amendment 1920-1933
Why this was even a an Amendment? Because they thought it would be better to stop drinking altogether.

The reason why this Amendment is not in play now, because they were selling it illegally. and more destruction then when the had it freely.