A Brand New Community

What is Mainemont...

Mainemont is a new community designed to replicate Venice in the state of Maine. The community has many elements of Venice and Kennebunkport, Maine as well as several Greco-Roman elements. Mainemont is a modern example of how the Greeks and Romans have inspired our daily life.
An Aerial Tour of Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, Maine


The homes in Mainemont contain many Greek and Roman ideas of architecture. Greek homes contain columns, friezes, and porches. Roman homes contain domes, porches, arches, and columns.

Unique Features...

Similar to Venice, the main transportation, aside from walking, is traveling by canals. Water Taxis can take you where you need to go. The only roads are located outside of the community.
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Venice The City of Canals, Italy
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Spectacular Entrance...

The entrance to Mainemont is a large gate and a parking garage. Once you are through the gate you hop in a boat and begin your journey in the beautiful town of Mainemont.
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The layout of our city is based off of the layout of Roman cities; retail and restaurants in the center and homes and medical facilities on the outer-perimeter.

To read about Roman city layout, click the link below

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Kennebunkport experiences all four seasons. It's cold in the winter, warmer in the spring, hot in the summer, and a bit cooler in autumn. Kennebunkport gets little precipitation per month. Since it's in the same area as Kennebunkport, Mainemont also has the same weather.
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Population + Benefits

Mainemont contains mostly people from ages 45-60 years old. The population is approximately 1,500 people. Because of the relatively small population, the town is not crowded and many spaces are open for you to explore. There are many job opportunities in Mainemont, such as water taxi driver, canal worker, shop owner, and more.