Benefits and Risks of salt

By Lena, Hector and Niamh


There is no argument that your body needs salt to keep you in good health,but over ecssesive salt intakes can lead to serious health problems. Such as high blood pressure which could lead to strokes and heart failure.It can also accumulate in the blood which raises the volume and weight of the blood. This is not good for your heart as it has to work harder to circulate the blood. Some of the more extreme risks are stomach cancer and kidney problems(kidney failure)

Health Benefits

Salt contains sodium which your body actually needs to keep your nerves, muscles and blood pressure work normally. Salt acts as a hydrater for your body and low levels of sodium can actually make you dehydrated. Normal blood pressure is essential for good health. A person can't be cosidered healthy, if their blood pressure Is not within the levels. Your sodium level in the body plays a big role in regulating your blood pressure

How to minimise salt intake

  • Eat fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Avoide using soya sauce,steak sauce and other salty sauces
  • Limit the consumption of canned, processed and frozen foods
  • Always remember that your body needs salt but in small amounts