Little Boy Blue

Today in the meadow, Little Boy Blue is comatose after a tragic mowing accident. Because of this event, sheepskin have no wool and the cows are skinless. Some passers-by say he is under a haycock. He's unable to be woken as he to is skinless. Few people are willing to wake him. The ones who are, aren't allowed on the farm after three felonies and a restraining order.

Coffee and your Health

So it’s Monday morning and you need some coffee to get you started. Do you know what’s in that savor-full cappuccino? Neither did I. I’m going to tell you. First of all, coffee has caffeine, along with most all of your other favorite snacks and drinks. Have you ever heard, “Don’t drink caffeine before bed?” Coffee can cause or worsen insomnia. Restlessness is also common, along with nervousness. It can raise blood sugar levels and worsen acid re-flux. Beans were first brewed in the 11th century. Coffee effects last around 4 to 6 hours. Besides those effects, coffee can be good for you. Studies have shown coffee reduces the risk of Alzheimer's and dementia. Coffee also cuts suicide risk and lowers risk of stroke in older women. Coffee protects against some types of cancer and reduces risk of type two diabetes. All in all, coffee and health really depend on the person and the strength of the brew. Good and bad side effects are possible so please consider all of them and brew accordingly.

Clash of Clans

This game is very popular and addicting. In this game, you attack bases and upgrade yours. You gather resources from other bases and use them to improve yours as you will also get attacked. There are many different troops you can attack with and also spells. Your base starts off with two builders although you can buy more for 500 gems which is not easily acquired. These builders upgrade your buildings, but it takes time progressively taking longer the higher the level. You can also join a clan and battle other clans in “wars”. Wars give extra loot for winning and the normal amount you would receive from attacking the bases.


A sandbox game made out of cubes. There are monsters at night. There are 3 dimensions. There are two bosses. There are weapons. There is multiplayer.
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