Amazing race

May the best cultural person win!

Phoenix, Arizona

We are starting at Phoenix,Arizona.there will be 6 teams flying to London,United Kingdom.The distance is 5315.89 miles, and whoever finishes all tasks and arrives last will get eliminated in the Amazing Race!There will be 5 countries to go to!Whoever wins the last country will get a ticket to Hawaii and a 7 day tour!


Each place has a task.A task is an act that represents its culture or tradition.

Examples of Tasks

London, U.k.


You have to find the one person who wears a different color than the other people in the parade.

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Master the drumming pattern and form of the dragon dance.

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"Heated up"

Make your own pizzeria-riah!(or Nigerian pizza)

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"Self Defence"

Learn Capoeira(martial arts) and master the ways of self Defence in Brazil!

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"Beauty' of the species"

Find 20 different species of fish, coral, and plants in the Great Barrier Reef.

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Made by Victor Nguyen 2nd Period