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Ms. Starbird's Fun and Engaging Lesson (Life-Size Chess Board)

Students in Honors English 2 have been reading The Joy Luck Club, in which one of the narrators (Waverly Jong) is a chess champion and consistently uses chess as a metaphor for her relationship with her mother (Lindo Jong). To illustrate this metaphor, students played life-size chess in which each student was assigned a chess piece and given instructions for how they could move. But to move, students had to answer a review question about the chapter. In the end, students debriefed how it felt to be a pawn (like Waverly) or a queen (like Lindo).
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The EWHS Book Club

The Book Club members are reading "One of Us is Lying." We are proud of our attendance of 16 students in the Library book club.

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Collaborative Projects with the Spanish Teachers

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The Spanish Teachers taught the students Bachata, Merengue, and Salsa dances.

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Ms. Phillips -" Dear Time" (Drop Everything and Read)

Ms. Phillips (Volunteer) read to the Exceptional students every Thursday. She is a great support to the Media department.
Motivational Message for TEACHERS!! | Jeremy Anderson

Media Moment Resources/Lessons

WCPSS WakeID Changes 2021

21 Ways to Check for Students Understanding

The most effective way to test student understanding is to do it while the lesson's still going on. You’ve got to take advantage of the moment. If you hope to spend the majority of your time getting through to students, and not just talking, then understanding must be measured and dealt with as soon as the first frown appears on a face. (Click Here)

3:1 Best Practices

3:1 Best Practices powerpoint (click here)

High School Digital Literacy and Citizenship

High School Digital Literacy and Citizenship Lessons: (Click Here)