I am Alice


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Author: Joseph Delaney


Series: The Last Apprentice

Catch Phrase

"Don't trust anyone from the dark."

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Summary of Book

"I am Alice"

This story takes place mostly in the dark, also called the underworld. The important characters are Alice, Thorne, Bony Lizzie, the Fiend, Thomas Ward, and Betsy Gammon.

The story takes place in an unknown time period which is not very modern and has a first person point of view from Alice Deane. In this story, a girl named Alice journeys through the dark to find a dagger which can destroy the Fiend, or Devil, if used in a ritual. She does all this for Thomas, her friend, but Thomas does not tell her everything in the ritual. Alice finds out the details of the ritual and finds out she has to die in order to kill the Fiend. Despite the knowledge of her death, she continues her journey in which she battles many old enemies and finds many old friends. She finds the dagger and returns to Earth, only to find that Grimalkin, the witch assassin, has other plans for her.

Theme and Personal Connection to Theme

The theme of the story is light vs dark or good vs bad. This theme is in everyday life because almost every fight or argument is based off of good vs bad. For example, there is police vs robbers, little sibling vs older sibling, and good politician vs corrupt politician. This theme is related to my life in a lot of ways. I think of my brother as the bad one and myself as the good one because we fight constantly. For instance, if I annoy him, he hits me. Another way it relates to my life is sports. I naturally believe that my theme is the good one and that we are trying to beat the bad one. That is how the theme relates to my life.