Saranac High School Counseling News

June 2019

June is here!

What a year! Although we are winding down, there is SO much information to get to students and families from our office. We have a lot of opportunities coming up in the next couple of weeks and a lot of preparation that is already underway for the next school year. Although we know most of the focus right now is on Regents Exams and graduation, please review the newsletter carefully as there is valuable information for you and your child to help end the year successfully and begin next year in an even more prepared state.

Middle School Career Fair

The Career Fair put on by our Middle School counselors was a huge success! As high school counselors we were able to connect our upperclassmen with professionals in our area to talk about the career field they are in, the path to get there, and opportunities in the North Country. We connected our students with law enforcement agencies (corrections, customs, border patrol, state police, forest rangers), a pre-school speech pathologist, nurses, the vice president of IAM at Clinton Community College, engineers, architects and land surveyors at AES Northeast and Jeffords Steel, a dental hygienist, manufacturing at Nova Bus, a veterinarian, and a pharmacist just to name a few! This is such a wonderful opportunity for us as counselors to take the information we get in our individual meetings with students and begin to make connections and network with professionals in our own community.

Seniors Attending College

Before the school year ends, we will notify seniors of our summer hours in case we can be of any help in the transition after graduation. If students are attending college in the fall, some things they may or may not be required to do are registering for summer orientation/open house, taking placement exams, choosing classes, paying that first tuition bill, sending medical records etc. Most colleges, but not all, are communicating with students directly through college student portals and college emails. Other colleges may send mailings or email students on personal emails. Regardless, students should be looking for this information. If they need any help with this please send them to us!

Seniors Entering The Workforce

As you may recall from the May newsletter, the RAMP program is looking for seniors who are entering the work force after graduation. If your child is interested in this opportunity please have them stop by the counseling office so we can help facilitate a conversation with Kevin Patnode at Coryer Staffing or your child may contact Mr. Patnode directly at:

20 Miller Street, Suite 102

Plattsburgh, NY 12901


CAP and AP Graduating Seniors

Seniors graduating that have taken CAP courses, please remember you need to directly request your transcript from Clinton Community College and send it to your college next year. This is not done on your high school transcript. Transcripts need to be requested through Clinton Community College student portal or by clicking on the link below and following the instructions. Seniors graduating that have taken AP courses will need to access scores in July and have them directly sent to the college. We cannot do either of these things in the counseling office.

Seniors Attending CCC In The Fall

Any senior that has applied and is planning to attend Clinton Community College is eligible to attend our field trip on June 21st. Students will meet the admission advisors, take placement exams, and choose their classes. If your child is interested, he/she must pick up a permission slip in the School Counseling office.


We recently sent home an email for juniors planning to apply to college this coming fall. There are some things we would like juniors to be working on this summer to help them feel prepared when they come back in September. First and foremost, all four year college bound juniors should be registering and taking an SAT and/or an ACT. Many will be doing this June 1st. If juniors did not take a test or register for a test, the next available tests are listed below. The SAT only offers 4 tests in the fall/winter and the ACT only offers 3 tests in the fall/winter so it is very important students sign up for at least one in the fall. Please make note that students need to register at least one month in advance to avoid late registration fees. Students should also focus on completing brag sheets, a draft of the college essay, and starting the Common App or the SUNY App. If students are only applying to SUNY schools they should do the SUNY App. If students are applying to a mix of private, out of state, and SUNY schools they should use the Common App. The Common App is currently available to students even if they are unsure what schools they want to apply to. This application is tedious and beginning some of it now would be beneficial.

College visits are very important but if students cannot get to a college to visit in person, virtual tours are available on most college websites. A formal visit to SUNY Plattsburgh and/or Clinton Community College is very helpful for students to get an understanding of a college campus whether they want to attend that school or not. Summer Open House at SUNY Plattsburgh is Friday, July 12th. If that date does not work you can always call the admissions office at 564-2040 and set something up. The link to register is below. If you would like to visit Clinton Community College please, contact Donna Dixon at 562-4169.

CAP Placement Test For Current Juniors

Any juniors interested in taking MAT 204 or PHY 111 and PHY 112 MUST take a CAP Placement exam on June 12th. We will be holding the placement exams at school with Clinton Community College at 8:30am. We will be checking with each student that has selected either of these courses during their planning sessions but also wanted to make families aware of this important date. If for some reason a student cannot attend, please inform us as soon as possible so we can make alternate arrangements.

Sophomore PSAT/PreACT Information

The letter below regarding the PSAT/PreACT was emailed to families and published in our May newsletter. We are offering students a chance to take both of these exams next fall but would like to get an accurate count this month if we can. The bottom portion of the letter is due back by Monday, June 3rd. The PSAT is October 16th and the cost is $16. If students meet income eligibility guidelines and/or are in Upward Bound, they can qualify to take the test free of charge with a fee waiver. We MUST know that ahead of time! The PreACT has been scheduled for October 30th and will cost $12. There are no fee waivers available for this test.

High School Panel For Our Rising Freshmen

We will be presenting a Q & A panel for our current 8th grade students on Tuesday, June 18th! We began this event two years ago to answer the many questions 8th grade students have and to help relieve some stress and anxiety about high school! If your child is interested in volunteering to be on this panel, we still have a few spots left. Have them come see us in the School Counseling office.

Freshman Open House

We are beginning to think about our Freshman Open House, which will take place in either late August or early September of next school year. Any students interested in volunteering please see us in the School Counseling office as soon as possible!

Important Dates

6/1/19 SAT Test (registration deadline 5/3- find more info at

6/8/19 ACT Test (registration deadline 5/3- find more info at

6/12/19 CAP Placement Exams (current juniors interested in taking MAT 204 and PHY 111)

6/18/19 High School Q&A Panel for 8th grade students

6/21/19 CCC Field Trip (graduating seniors)

8/24/19 SAT Test (registration deadline 7/26-find more info at

9/14/19 ACT Test (registration deadline 8/16- find more info at

10/2/19 College Night Plattsburgh Field House 6:30-8pm

10/5/19 SAT Test (registration deadline 9/6-find more info at

10/16/19 PSAT (in school)

10/26/19 ACT Test (registration deadline 9/20- find more info at

10/30/19 PreACT (in school)

11/2/19 SAT Test (registration deadline 10/3-find more info at

12/7/19 SAT Test (registration deadline 11/8-find more info at

12/14/19 ACT Test (registration deadline 11/8- find more info at