The Mayan Empire

Jack Cunney + Patrick Diamond

The Ancient Mayans

The Mayans were an advanced civilization in Mexico. They accomplished many things during their Golden Age. They invented hot chocolate, herbal medicine, enhanced architecture, and made the most accurate calender using the stars. They were the most advanced civilization of their time and suddenly collapsed due to environmental issues, agricultural collapse, and political turmoil.

Mayan Agriculture

The Mayans Agricultural collapse was partly due to the fact of deforestation. The deforestation led to higher temperatures and lack of rain fall. This lack of rain caused crops and Agriculture to decline. The increasing temperature made it even worse. This is one reason why the Mayan Civilization collapsed.

Political Turmoil

The upper class of the Mayan Civilization was very greedy. This lead to a peasants revolt and a lot of warfare. They also never had one strong leader for their Civilization. There were many kings because none of them found political stability. This caused them to not be able to unify the Civilization. Also the rich nobles didn't try to help the farmers and peasants during the economical crisis. They just surrounded themselves in luxury and not focusing on the impeding crisis that was affecting the whole empire. Overall the nobles who the peasants looked to protect them, didn't help the situation at all if not made it worse.

Environmental Issues

Towards the end of the Mayan civilization the surrounding environment was becoming unstable. Due to large deforestation and over farming, the environment wasn't able to provide for the growing empire. Because of these problems other problems occurred like erosion and drought. All of these combined made it hard for the people of Maya to produce enough food and keep resources in stock.


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