Operations Newsletter

December 2015

Excellence in....

First, I want to thank you for your hard work in 2015. We are nearing the end of the year and lets finish strong!

Second, I have changed the format on the newsletter to an online version. This should save space for your emails, but also make the newsletter more engage. Feel free to let me know your thoughts.

Finally, as me move into 2016, I would like you to spend a couple of minutes on 2015. For anyone in the Operations team, I will be sending out (2) invites. On 12/18, I will send out a file titled Plus Deltas. As the name implies, I would like you to record any positives (plus) for the year and anything that you want to change (delta). Please save a copy of the file to your desktop.

Next, I will send out an invite for January 4th. Before you get started on 2016, I would like you to review the list and record a concrete actions that you will take. A good way of thinking of this is what actions are you going to take, what is the result, why are you taking them and by when. Please review the attached file in the invite and let me know of any questions.

Have a Happy Holiday Season and Best of Success in 2016.

Take care,

Excellence in BAS....

The BAS team is currently executing a project with Venture Mechanical. We will be working at the Pizza Hut/YUM Brand Headquarters. The team will be providing a Building Automation System including (3) RTU's, (36) VAV's, (4) Split System AC Units and (2) Exhaust Fans.

Best of success to the team as they execute this project.

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Excellence in Security....

The security team is working on a project in downtown Dallas. The team is adding a DVR system along with cameras to the 7th Floor Library. Included in the project is cameras with IR Illumination and customer training.

Best of success to the security team as we continue to work with the City of Dallas.

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Excellence in Operations - Schneider is On

The topic this month is "Step Up". As always, if you need additional information about the program, go to Spice and click on "About Schneider", then go over to "Schneider is On".

The topic of Step Up is a focus internally and centers around employee training and development. The goal of the operations team is to match the team to the customer and their need. We also focus on skilled professionals at every level.

As part of this topic, we will be rolling out new individual development plans formats in 2016. Details on this will come out in the January timeframe, but we are moving away from the excel sheets to an easier to use format. I will have a separate article on this.

This topic also ties into the start of the newsletter with looking at the positives and deltas over the year. Take this time to reflect on your development path over the year and where you want to go.

Next month, we will conclude the series with "Simplify"

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Excellence in 2016 - 4DX

Over the past couple of newsletters, we have been focusing on 4DX. The topic this month is building onto what we have discussed and creating a team environment. Part of this is having a scoreboard.

Any sporting event that you attend, you will see the scoreboard front and center. This shows the players, coaches, and fans were they are in relation to the other team and their goals. Similar to this, we will have a scoreboard in 2016 for 4DX. This will be central report point where we can say "How are we doing".

The operations team is currently working through the 4DX book and we should be able to produce our scoreboard shortly.

Excellence in HR...

A coupe of HR Topics and Dates

  • Overall Performance Planning and Goal Setting - December through January
  • 12/23 Start to receive information on 2015 Goal Achievements
  • 2/12 2015 Performance Review Complete
  • 2/29 2016 Goal Setting Complete

Excellence in Development

As I mentioned last month, we will be rolling out a series of classes on various topics. If you are interested, please send me an email and I will be happy to send out an invite.

The dates and the topics

  • 1/14 Project Communication
  • 1/28 Project Schedules
  • 2/11 Risk Management
  • 2/28 Lessons Learned

In 2016....

We will be talking about 1 important question for the year. Details next month....

Happy Holidays from the Operations Team!

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