Weekly Update

Strive Center for Autism

September's Theme is Apple Orchard

This month's theme is Apple Orchard. We've got books, crafts, songs, and playtime planned around apples.

Here's one of our featured Circle Time songs for this month: Way Up High in an Apple Tree

And we'll be singing along to this song for September too: September Calendar Song by Jack Hartmann

Burton Hair Cut Workshop

Do you DREAD when it's time to get your child's hair cut? We are here to help! We are teaming with a very special hairdresser to help this workshop come to life!

Bring your child to come get a haircut from a professional hair stylist in a calm, familiar environment at the center. Leading up to the workshop, Evey can help you during parent training sessions to help work on desensitizing your child to the hair cut process and build up some skills to support the process. During the workshop, Evey will be there to help support and coach both you and the hair stylist to best cater to your child.

Where: Strive Burton

When: November 7th, 9am-12pm

How: Contact Evey via Remind or email at ewright@sc-centers.com and she will book your spot

Cost: $20 per child


TheraWe Platform Coming Soon

We are excited to announce that we will begin using the TheraWe platform in the near future. TheraWe is a mobile app that provides a bridge for better therapy session updates, personal training videos, and navigating the entire pediatric therapy journey.

Specifically, it will:

  1. Enable your therapy provider to send you (and your entire family) video updates and visual home training instructions in a HIPAA-compliant way

  2. Allow you to chat questions and transmit videos of behaviors from home after your therapy session

  3. Create a video therapy record that will reduce the risk of regression when switching organizations and/or entering the school system

We believe this approach will lead to improved child outcomes and a more inclusive day-to-day experience for your entire family team.

Coming soon, you will receive more information about how to sign up and access your TheraWe account, as well as training on how to maximize it. If you’d like to learn more, please watch this short video or visit https://www.theraweconnect.com/

Friday End Time 2:20

Please remember that our Friday end time will be 2:20 for full day children until further notice. Our team will continue to remind you at drop off on Friday morning, but this will be the standard until our cleaning and toy rotating practices change drastically. That extra hour makes it possible for our staff to thoroughly clean everything your child has used for the week, and rotate the toys to another child for the next week. We appreciate your continued understanding.

Illness Reminder

Please remember that we did revise our regular illness policy to include a "72 hour symptom free" condition for any symptoms. Our previous policy required 24 hours symptom free without medication, but we have increased this to 72 hours symptom free with medication, since returning to therapy in June.

The purpose behind this is to ensure that only healthy individuals are in our building at all times. When children attend therapy with "just a cold" our staff catch that cold too. When our staff have any symptoms on our daily health screening, they end up either going for a COVID test or missing many days of work while we wait to ensure they are safe to return.

We definitely want to maximize your child's hours in treatment, but we need to do so only when they are healthy. Please help us out by abiding by the 72 hours symptom free requirement for any illness. We are absolutely not counting these absences "against" you in any way.

AAOM Gala Ticket Winners

Congratulation to our AAOM Gala Ticket Winners, Caitlin and Ashley! Both families will receive an appetizer level ticket to the AAOM gala on September 18th, which includes delivery of a variety of appetizers and access to the live gala broadcast.

Today is the last day to purchase gala tickets, so please visit the gala website here if you're interested!

The AAOM provides support for families affected by Autism and for providers like us throughout the year.

Labor Day - NO THERAPY

Monday, Sep. 7th, 8am

Burton and Brighton