Shimmering Shrimp

Christina Priestner


What is a delicious seafood that lives on the ocean floor? It is one of the two thousand species of shrimp. These sea creatures have a simple or intricate appearance, a delicious diet, and a particularly fast life cycle and reproduction from one to two years of age.


Did you know these majestic underwater creatures inhabit all waters from ocean to lake? Well, a shrimp has it all, a different appearance, a delicious diet (for the shrimp), and an interesting life cycle and reproduction. Shrimp is an animal that is usually only recognized as food, but they have a few surprises.

Think Tank

This is a comic about how shrimp might one day take over the world because of their amazing smash. But I think the fisherman have this one under control.
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Quiz Time!

This is a quiz you can take to find out if you are a shrimp expert but some answers are different than you think! Good luck!
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Shrimp taste good at dinner

but some shrimp are lean, mean predators

Smashes, faster than a bullet

Shrimp smashing through the ocean

Looking for its next victim of prey

Finally a nice tasty meal

Go Fish!

In my group for go fish I worked with my best friends Alexa and Lauren. So we were pretty successful, with a total of everything combined was $244.84. Which was under the budget of $250.00 by only $5.16. We chose fish that could adapt to saltwater living because our fish tank is a saltwater fish tank. We needed twenty gallons of water to support the fish in our tank. We chose seahorses, puffer fish, purple dotty backs, peppermint shrimp, fancy guppy, and a yellow tail damsel fish. These fish can adapt to the saltwater tank.


This is a diorama representing some of the animals in the coral reef including my topic animal, the shrimp. Other animals include a starfish, a jellyfish, and many more.
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Chefs Corner


For the pavlova

2 tsp vinegar, any type

2 tsp vanilla extract

2 tsp cornflour

4 large egg whites

100g light muscovado sugar

100g golden caster sugar

25g hazelnuts

For the topping

600g strawberries

3 tbsp cassis (blackcurrant liquer)

568ml carton double cream


Preheat the oven to 140C. Line a baking sheet with non-stick parchment paper.


Start to blend vinegar, vanilla, and cornflour to a paste. Next whisk the egg whites. Then whisk in the sugar, adding in the paste you already made until a nice meringue is formed.

Spread it out on a 20cm round pan, swirl the knife to make peaks. Scatter nuts(if you like) and bake for about 1 hour.

Take your strawberries and stir in the cassis. Whip it softly, cut each strawberry in half and put them in the cream.

top 40 foods history of the pavlova.
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Strawberry Pavlova

Usually this cake is eaten in Australia for dessert. It is creamy and tasty and I haven't tasted it before. But it is tradition to eat this during their national day.