The Fittest Animal In Their Enviroment

Natural Selection- What Do You Mean?

Natural Selection is survival of the fittest. To be fit means to reproduce fertile offspring. Who is fit is determined by the environment they are in.


Lions are an example of natural selection because they have all the necessities that are required in that environment. They are fastest, strongest, and most powerful. You need to have all these traits to be the most fit in that enviroment

What Factors Affect Natural Selection?

Competition and overpopulation affect natural selection. if there's to much competition then an animal might come and beat the lion. Overpopulation is bad because there won't be enough resources for everyone, including the lion.

What Might Get Them To Be Selected Out?

Loins might lose their title as the fittest if a genetic mutation happens and that causes them not to be fast anymore. If they aren't fast then they will get killed a lot and they won't be the fittest. Another example is if they lose their food source. If that happens then they will get weak and eventually die out.