Chemical Engineering Smore

Chemical engineer

Education Path

To start my career I would need a major in chemical engineering. This major teaches people how to use chemistry to create products and systems. I would also learn about kinetic systems, chemical changes, and heat and mass transfer. Corrosion, energy loss, and pollution are all problems that will be taught how to solve while getting my major. Some High school courses that would help to take are chemistry, calculus, statistics and probability, technical writing, trigonometry, and advanced algebra. A few college classes are linear algebra, organic chemistry, and statistics.

Training School and College

I would go to UW Stevens - Point. Some reasons why I would like to go to Stevens - Point is that they offer the chemical engineering major. Another reason is because they offer a sports program. It is located in Stevens Point, WI. The school is in an urban area and is a public school. The student to faculty ratio is 20:1, and the classes have about 34 people. The GPA for Stevens Point is is 3.42. The average ACT score is 18-23 and the SAT is 500-599.

About the Job

Chemical engineers deal a lot with finding more efficient ways to produce things. They also make machinery. The employees work for about 40 hours a week, but may have some overtime hours when needed. They are also sometimes exposed to danger. You can make between 60-160 Thousand dollars in Wisconsin and 56-139 Thousand dollars nationally.


Job openings in Wisconsin is very limited but nationally there is 500+ employers. Foth and Van Dyke is my employer, they are located in Green Bay, WI.


I could see myself doing this someday, because I love chemistry. I am always trying to find the most efficient way to do things. The one bad thing is that I would most likely have to move out of WI.


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Branch of science

Chemical engineer falls under physical science, because it has a lot to do with chemicals. Chemistry is a part of physical science