Magnet Senate Weekly Newsletter

( First Letter )

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What is Magnet Senate?

If you didn't already know, Magnet Senate is a leadership class only for magnet students. This class helps students gain leadership and communication skills. Not only does this class help us gain new skills, but it also gives us the opportunity to make long-lasting friendships as well. This is a student lead class, with our top executives leading it.

In this class, we do basic leadership activities, fairs, tournaments, games, fundraisers, etc. In this class, we want to focus on ways to make your year here at Manual Arts High School as much fun as we possibly can. Next semester we will give 9th graders a chance to apply for this class. We hope to see you Freshmen soon!

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Meet The Executives

There are 5 seniors in charge of the class each with their own position/role. First, we have “ the Chairwoman '' aka Melanie who is in control of basically the whole class, she makes sure all the executives are doing their jobs and on top of their game. Then, we have the director of Operations... Melody Penaloza. Melody and her team are in charge of every event's planning and logistics. Up next we have Director Melissa and Co-director Isaac on Finance, which what they do is pretty self-explanatory: they work with all the money that the magnet senate makes, needs or wants, etc. Finally, we have our class communication team, Director Jazmine Vargas. This committee works on all the ways to communicate with you, we make posters, and post on social media, basically if you ever hear about an event it was from this team.

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Why a newsletter?

Newspapers were a very common way of communication back then. Unlike normal newspapers, our newsletter will be digital hints with the name “Newsletter“. Magnet Senate wanted to create a way to share specific information that goes around our school. For instance, games, future MS activities, student of the week, the meme of the week, teacher gossip, interviews, small business advertisements, etc. We will always keep you guys updated on your school events in magnet.

Our Volleyball Game!!

Our Volleyball game was a huge success!! Seniors and Juniors being the most competitive, also Sophomores and Freshmen bringing in their teachers Mr. Shump and Mr. Tomas for extra help.
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Magnet Senate Next Event!!

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