The False Belief of Hobbits

By: Hannah Burt

Reasons Against their Existence

Hobbits have never existed on this earth for many reasons. Scientists believe that hobbits once existed 18,000 years ago. Scientists that know God's Word know that the earth has only existed for approximately 6,000 years ago! How could something live on earth before the earth ever even existed! Also, Tolkien's tale The Hobbit is fantasy. Fantasy includes made-up creatures and inventions of the imagination. His book includes many made-up creatures like wizards, dwarves, dragons, trolls, and goblins, and also hobbits.

The picture below shows an image of one of the made up characters in Tolkien's book, dwarves.

Big image

The Counterclaim and Why it is Wrong

Hobbit believers do have supposed "evidence" for the existence of hobbits long ago, but it is false. Scientists found a lady's skull that was less than one-third of our size and think she was part of a small human population that lived close to 18,000 years ago. They call her H.floresiensis. However, some other scientists that studied this skull found that the DNA was very similar to human DNA. They think she was a human that suffered from a brain disease called microcephaly where the brain fails to grow the normal size. This is scientific evidence that disproves the so called"evidence" of the existence of hobbits.

Below are two pictures that represent the effects of microcephaly.

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The Statistics

I made a graph representing the statistics of 20 people in my 4th academic ELA class. I asked them if they believed hobbits have ever existed. Here it is: