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New Workshops

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Genius Hour Exploration

Genius Hour Exploration is a great opportunity to introduce your students to the Genius Hour concept and to explore the many different learning tools that are available in the library's iCentre (makerspace). Students drive their own learning and passion.

  • Give your students a chance to learn something that excites them.
  • Sign up for your Genius Hour time on the Library Flex Schedule Calendar (2 Classes/session max)
  • Come with your class or use this time for your own learning.
  • Available during the following times. Fourth Grade - November 18; Third Grade - Jan 6; Second Grade - February 24; First Grade- April 7 (Unless April 14 is a make up day); Kindergarten - June 2 (Subject to change)

Sample of activities

Coding Challenges

Augmented Reality (AR)

Makey Makey

Duct Tape

Lego Challenge


Scribble Bot

Lego Story Starter

Book Exploration

Little Bits



iPad Challenge



Stop Motion Movie

Kinectic San


Letters Alive

Math Alive

STEM Boxes

Your own Proposal

Still can't decide if you want to send your class? Check out Genius Hour below

What is Genius Hour? Check out the link

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Google Drive: The Force for iPads & Chromebooks

These technology workshops will cover the following:

Security Briefing - How to log off and iPad & iPad Tips & Tricks

Jedi Training Mission A - Upload

Jedi Training Mission B- Share

Mission 1 - Research (Google Docs)

Mission 2 - Collaborate (Google Slides)

Mission 3 - Feedback (Google Forms)

Mission 4 - Excel" (Google Sheets)

Mission 5 - Creativity (Google Draw)

Mission 6 - Unify (Google Folders)

This is broken into 30 - 45 min workshops. For both Students and Teachers. I will come to your planning meetings to conduct these workshops.

Writing Workshops

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Sketchnotes with The Hallo-Weiner

All Grades

Join me for a library writing workshop Friday or Monday. We will use sketchnotes to learn how to write. We will use Dav Pilkey's book, The Hallo-Weiner. This is a great story for this time of year and it helps students appreciate each other's abilities.

Length (45-60 min)

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Hexagonal Writing with the Fantastic Flying Books for Mr. Morris Lessmore

All Grades

Join me in the library for a writer's workshop using the book The Fantastic Flying book of Mr. Morris Lessmore. If you are not familiar with the book, watch the following clip:

We will use Hexagonal Writing. Younger classes will do this as a whole class activity. There is also a short film and iPad app that will enrich the story.

Length ( 45-60)

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Global Read Aloud Connections - BFG

Grade 2-4

I would love to be able to make global connections with your classes. Please let me know when a good to connect with another classroom around the world. We can schedule a time on Friday or Monday and I will try to reach a classroom around the world that can meet with us.

Length (30 - 45 min)

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Technology Workshops

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iPads- Great Production Tools

Learn how to use the iPads as a creative production tool.

Students can learn apps such as

  • Popplet lite - Graphic Organizer (iPad only)
  • Google Drive Suites - Create and upload from iPad (iPad and Chromebook)
  • iMovie -Movie Making, (iPad only)
  • Padlet - Collaborative tool (iPad and Chromebook)
  • Skitch - Mark up tool (iPad only)
  • PicCollage for kids- (iPad only)


This workshop is designed to help students master the skill of logging into Canvas and participating in a discussion and complete an assignment. This is a great class for 4th grade students working on Genius Hour


Need access to more devices. Sign your class or small group up to become Chromebook experts. Students will learn the difference between the traditional laptop and the Chromebook. They will also learn how to access their Google Drive. We have several different levels available.

Google Drive Applications

Take your pick. Learn to use Google Docs, Google Presentations, or Google Drawing. Students will also learn how to organize their work by creating folders.

Images - Public Domain

Learn how to find and use public domain images. Learn how to import pictures into your Google slides as backgrounds or part of your presentation. Also learn how to get pictures from your iPads to Google Drive. Sign up for this workshop.


Research Resources

Want extra time to work on research skills? Want to learn more about what resources are available for students? These workshops can be custom designed to meet your grade level needs. Want to use PebbleGo, BookFlix, National Geographics for Kids, Kids Infobits or any of the encyclopedias online? Sign up for this workshop.