junior vang


describe something you did yesterday

Well yesterday I slept the whole entire day. Because I stayed up talking to my friends and played Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare. I was up till 7:00am.
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Something you do well

What I do really well is building cars and bass fishing. I like to bass fish for fun and the fight of the fish. I like to build cars as a hobbie and and see cars come to life and hear the engine roar with power. That is what I do very well with.
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Something about your childhood

My childhood I use to love drawing crazy things. Like cars, dragon, animals in there ecosystem, and fun created words in bubble or graffiti letter. It was fun to me and I can put my Imagenation on to paper and making it come true. Thats from my childhood.
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something about you learned last week

I learned how to fillet a flounder. Fillet a fish was hard because you had to fillet the meat and dont get any bones. It was hard really hard fillet that flounder.
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something you can't live without.

I can not live without my phone. My phone is my everything because it have everything I love. My phone is like a resource with information that I need for other things.
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something you love to watch/listen to

Something I love to watch is Discovery channel. It got some intresting and crazy people that do things. As survival or creating something new.
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