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From the Reform to the Restored Republic

The Ideals of Liberal and Conservative

  • A mid-nineteenth century political forces wanted to rule Mexico .
  • The Liberals and the Conservatives had different ideas, they wanted to improve the situation of the country.
  • The Liberals and the Conservatives were been considered as political parties.
  • The fights between both groups provoked that in this period they were constant conflicts.
  • The fights provoked instability of the country.
  • And affected the economy.
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The Revolution of Ayutla

  • In the second half of the nineteenth century, Mexico lived a difficult situation.
  • Some problems Mexico faced were that few people controlled large tracts of land and the existence of regional caciques who imposed their interests on the rest of society.(Caciques is a person who by their social or economic position abuses of his power.)
  • In 1853, Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna had ocuppated already ten times the position in the government. Antonio Lopez was convinced by the Conservatives to returned to the power.
  • In 1854, in the present municipality of Ayutla, Guerrero, the Plan of Ayutla was proclaimed. The idea was supported in various parts of the country so the Revolution of Ayutla began.
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  • The following year the armed movement triumphed and Santa Anna was forced to leave the country.
  • Based on the Plan of Ayutla, Juan Alvarez became president after elections were organized and Ignacio Comonfort was elected; with this Liberal government period began.
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  • The Plan of Ayutla raised among its most important points like this one:
  • Anyone who opposed the Plan of Ayutla would be treated as an enemy of national independence.
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