Bill of rights

Bill of rights are rights which are given to the people

Amendment 1: Freedom of speech

The first amendment states that you have the right to have freedom of speech

Court cases: Cohen v. California

Amendment 2: Right to bear arm

The second amendment states that you have the right to bear arms or to have guns

Court cases: D.C v. Heller

Summary: The second amendment relates to Heller because he was able to have a gun and the government couldn't take it away but just add restrictions to it

Amendment 3: No solider should be quarted in a persons house

The third amendment states that no solider or anybody should be quartered in a persons house unless the owner say so

Court cases: Griswold v. Connecticut

Summary: The third amendment helped Griswold on his case because in the third amendment it states that nobody can live I in your home unless permitted by the owner

Amendment 4: Right to secure your home

The fourth amendment states that you have the right to secure your home and your property

Court cases: Katz v. United States

Amendment 5: the right to not answer any questions unless the consent of a judge

The fifth amendment states that no person shall have to answer any questions unless presented by a grand jury except in haval, militia forces

Court cases: Miranda v. Arizona

Summary: The fifth amendment was applied on Miranda case because he was taken in into custody by the police but wouldn't answer any questions until the grand jury came along and he was found guilty