Mr. McCoy's Summer Weekly Log

Friday, June 3, 2016


The adventure has already begun! Your child’s ultimate goal, this summer, will be to research an African country; then create—and make—a presentation to his/her fellow African explorers. To achieve this goal, your child will be immersed in research, reading, writing, geography, and computer skills. This week, each student took notes on information about Africa; read African folk tales; and learned about Africa’s geography by watching a video, Discovery Channel: School, Africa: People and Places-and by answering questions about a map of Africa. We also worked on math skills geared to prepare your child for fifth grade. Up first: Adding Dollars and Cents! He/she will also play games of “King Tut’s Tomb,” “Deadly Waters,” and “Butterfly.” So, grab your safari gear, hop on your trusty camel—and keep reading: We’re heading “Into Africa”!

AFRICA - Instrumental Version

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On Friday Evening, May 27, you should have received the following email:

Welcome African Adventurers!

Are you ready to embark upon an adventure to the magnificent continent of Africa? If so, keep reading!

This is Mr. McCoy, your African guide, ready to guide you toward an unparalleled Summer Adventure experience! For all of the fantastic details, tune in to one of the two previews below:

For Students-A Preview of Your African Adventures:

Students, when you are finished watching the video, please go to this Padlet site, and answer the question that you will find there:

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments!

See you soon!

Mr. McCoy, Tribal Leader

African Folktales

"Once upon a time..." Folktales are a vital part of African culture--and a vital part of our program! Each day, an African folktale is presented in class, via You Tube. Here are the presentations from this week:

1-"The Tortoise and the Leopard"

2-"The Story of a Farmer and Four Hyenas"


Every day, your child will be drawn into The Egypt Game, via the big screen. This is a tale based on the folklore of ancient Egypt. Here are the links to Parts 1 and 2, from this week:

Part 1

Part 2

Time for Math

Yes, math is important, too—therefore, a portion of our daily routine will also include math practice, in the form of Go Math lessons, designed to help your child get ready for fifth grade--and games and other practice activities, such as “The Haunted Swamp” and “Diving for Remainders.” Each week, we will also focus on one basic math operation per day: Monday, addition; Tuesday, subtraction; Wednesday, multiplication; Thursday, division; Friday, mixed facts. I have also included a link to the math section of my School Loop website; there is a bounty of great practice opportunities there as well!

Link to Math Section of School Loop Site:

My Story

I am a Liberty Oaks fifth grade teacher, during the regular school year, and I just completed my 31st year of teaching. Before coming to Liberty Oaks, 11 years ago, I taught at Manor Hill Elementary School, for 14 years; before that, I taught sixth grade, for one year, at Liberty Middle School and, for five years before that, I taught sixth grade at Franklin Elementary School. I graduated from Liberty High School and earned my Bachelor of Science degree, in Elementary Education, from William Jewell College. I earned my Master of Science Degree from Central Missouri State University. (It’s hard to believe that, with all of this experience, I am only 39 years old!)

Attendance is Vital to Success

Please send your child to summer school every day! Each day, of this summer adventure, builds on the day before. If your child misses a day, he/she loses out on a valuable day of learning. Absolutely no time will be wasted, I assure you! Your child will be involved in productive learning every minute of each and every day! And he/she will be better prepared to enter fifth grade! Thank you!

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The Adventure Has Just Begun!

Our adventure has just begun! When your child departs summer school, on Wednesday, June 28, he/she will have a much stronger grasp of basic math, reading and language arts concepts. It is my fervent hope that, as the result of our work, your child will be able to enter fifth grade, in August, feeling more confident and self-assured. At any rate, that is my ultimate goal!

Please sign the folder, and return it, with your child, tomorrow! From this point on, you will receive the folder every Friday!

Issue 2, "Mummy Madness," Coming on Friday, June 10!