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Lakeside Elementary is where everyone is valued and respected. Our mission is to connect tradition with innovation, provide exceptional learning experiences, foster meaningful relationships, and inspire a passion for learning in a student-centered, safe and caring environment for all students, families, and employees.

Mrs. Smith’s Snapchat…

Hello Lakeside Parents and Guardians,

Today marks the end of our first quarter of learning for the 2020-2021 school year! We have had an outstanding first quarter! We appreciate the hard work and effort that our students have put forth this year! And as always, we appreciate the support from our parents and families!

We hope you enjoy the next couple weeks of fall break! As a reminder, there is no school during the weeks of October 5 and October 12. Have fun, be safe, and play hard!! School will resume on Monday, October 19.

Please make sure to mark Thursday, October 22 down on your calendars. Parent/Teacher Conferences are being held on the 22nd. Teachers sent home conference times to all families this week. If you have a conflict, please reach out to your child's classroom teacher.

As always, I thank you for your continued support of Lakeside Elementary! Take care, be safe, and have a great weekend!


Mrs. Smith

Fall Break

Warren Township Fall Break begins October 3rd. Students return to school on Monday, October 19th.


We will be providing breakfast and lunch distribution on Tuesday, October 6th and Tuesday, October 13th from 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM at Warren Central High School and Moorhead Community Resource Center. Multiple days of meals will be provided each Tuesday.


Just a reminder that Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held on Thursday, October 22, 2020 ~ our first week back from break. Conferences will be held for both in-person and virtual students. All conferences will be held virtually. Teachers sent home scheduled times and information to all families.

There is no school for students on that day so that teachers can conference with all families.

IMMUNIZATION REMINDERS -- Exclusion Date extended to October 19

In order for our schools to be in compliance with the state laws regarding immunizations, please make sure that your student(s) have their updated information on file with Nurse Wolf, our school nurse. The exclusion date has been extended. All student vaccines must be on file and up to date by October 19, 2020 to avoid exclusion from school. Please make Nurse Wolf aware of any upcoming appointments for vaccines, or if there are any medical or religious objections to your student receiving his or her vaccines

Also, PLEASE inform Nurse Wolf of any chronic health conditions that the school should be made aware of, and that your student's medical emergency information is up to date. Thank you for your help in getting this important information to our nurse!


This provides an overview of the EBT cards some parents will receive.

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Students who are returning to in-person learning will need to bring their device and their curriculum textbook materials to school with them when returning on October 19. Please see below for a list of curriculum materials that need to be returned at each grade level. We appreciate your help in getting these materials back to school on October 19.


Kindergarten students returning to school in person from virtual learning will need to bring your device and curriculum textbook materials to school when you return on October 19th. Students will continue to use the books for the second nine weeks.

Wonders Reading -

Close Reading Workbook

Your Turn Practice Workbook

Pearson Science Workbook

Eureka Module 1 - 2 (Book 1)

Eureka Practice Module 1 - 6 (Book 1)

Eureka Succeed Module 1 - 3 (Book 1)

Grade 1

First grade students returning to school in person from virtual learning will need to bring your device and curriculum textbook materials to school when you return on October 19th. Students will continue to use the books for the second nine weeks.

Wonders -

Reading Writing Workshop 1.1

Lit Anthology 1.1

Reading Writing Workshop 1.4

Lit Anthology 1.4

Close Reading Workbook

Your Turn Practice Workbook

Pearson Science Workbook

Eureka Learn Module 1 (Book 1)

Eureka Practice Module 1 - 3 (Book 1)

Eureka Succeed Module 1 - 3 (Book 1)

Grade 2

Second grade students returning to school in person from virtual learning will need to bring your device and curriculum textbook materials to school when you return on October 19th. Students will continue to use the books for the second nine weeks.

Wonders -

Reading Writing Workshop

Lit Anthology

Close Reading Workbook

Your Turn Practice Workbook

Pearson Science Workbook

Eureka Learn Module 1 - 3 (Book 1)

Eureka Practice Module 1 - 5 (Book 1)

Eureka Succeed Module 1 - 3 (Book 1)

Grade 3

Third grade students returning to school in person from virtual learning will need to bring your device curriculum textbook materials to school when you return on October 19th. Students will continue to use the books for the second nine weeks.

Wonders -

Reading Writing Workshop

Lit Anthology

Close Reading Workbook

Your Turn Practice Workbook

Pearson Science Workbook

Eureka Learn Module 1 - 2 (Book 1)

Eureka Learn Module 3 - 4 (Book 2)

Eureka Practice Module 1-4 (Book 1)

Eureka Success Module 1 - 4 (Book 1)

Grade 4

Fourth grade students returning to school in person from virtual learning will need to bring your device and curriculum textbook materials to school when you return on October 19th. Students will continue to use the books for the second nine weeks.

Wonders -

Reading Writing Workshop

Lit Anthology

Close Reading Workbook

Your Turn Practice Workbook

Pearson Science Workbook

Eureka Learn Module 1 - 2 (Book 1)

Eureka Practice Module 1 - 7 (Book 1)

Eureka Succeed Module 1 - 4 (Book 1)

Attendance for Virtual Students -- Attendance App


All virtual students are now required to log-in to Canvas to validate their attendance every day of school. This includes direct instruction days, application days, and academic enrichment days. Please help your student log-in and submit their attendance each day.

1. Open the app called “V attendance” on your student’s iPad. It is black with a gold check mark.

2. Click the red button that says “Log into Google” to sign into the student’s google account. This is the same email and password that students use to log into Clever. Not sure about what this login information is? Email me!

3. You should now be logged into Canvas. Click on the box that says “Period 1”. It is outlined in yellow.

4. It will come up with a question about whether or not your student is attending that day. Click yes.

5. Click submit. You did it!

You may also continue to login through the Canvas app if it has been working for you. Please reach out with any questions! Thanks!


Parent/Teacher conferences will take place after Fall Break. Families will meet with their first quarter teacher to celebrate their efforts in the first quarter. Teachers will review student progress and report cards at these conferences. October 22nd is a non-school day for all students in Warren Township due to Parent Teacher Conferences.

Conference/Report Card Reminders:

  • All conferences will be virtual.
  • Teachers will begin sharing their signups soon if they have not already done so.
  • Teachers will have a conference for every student they give a report card to even if they are in a different class and setting.
  • Conferences will be held on October 22nd from 11am - 7PM.
  • All conferences are virtual or done via the phone.
  • Students will not receive music, art, PE or STEM grades on this report card.

    • STEM was not offered for K-4 this quarter

    • Related Arts was not assessed this quarter.

  • All grades should be available on Oct 2nd.
  • Report cards will not be printed. Parents need to use the ParentVue App.

***The ParentVue app or link is where families will find grade information. This ParentVue link is a “how to” for families to use ParentVue.

Celebrate Science Indiana is hosting a free virtual event on October 3, with 30-minute sessions where families can engage with scientists, engage with exhibitors and much more.

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Parents, please ensure that your student(s) come to school every day with a clean and durable mask. Lakeside has provided each student with a mask, if you have further needs please reach out to your student's teacher. All students received a washable face mask at school We have extras should a child need another in the future. Remember, washing masks daily is important!


  1. Talk about it - Empower them by sharing how wearing a face mask gets them involved in the fight against COVID-19. Remember, wearing a face mask helps to slow the spread of the virus!
  2. Make sure you are wearing a face mask, too - this will let your child know they are not alone and that you, too, are doing your part to slow the spread of the virus.
  3. Put a face mask on their favorite stuffed animal or toy - share photos of other kids wearing a mask. Showing kids like them or having their favorite toy wear a face mask will help to normalize this change.
  4. Remind them not to touch their masks - keeping hands away from their face will help prevent the transfer of germs from hard surfaces to their masks.
  5. Washing hands is key to slowing the spread - encourage your child to wash their hands before applying and removing their mask.

Are You a Virtual Student Who is Having Technology Issues?

Are You in Need of Textbook Rental Assistance? Please Read The Information Below

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Student Success Handbook

Warren Parents and Caregivers, here is the link to our Student Success Handbook. This handbook is updated every year to include information about how we keep students and staff safe at school, along with resources for families to access as well as information on district procedures and policies. This handbook is also shared with students. Please take a moment to review and complete this as an acknowledgment that you have received the handbook. Please reach out if you have any questions.

COVID Screening and Quarantine Information:

MSD Warren's S.A.F.E Reopening Plan provides a comprehensive framework within which students and staff can be safe. Our staff will continue to emphasize social distancing, hand washing/sanitizing, and face coverings with students. Parents are reminded that students exhibiting symptoms should be kept at home, and that the school response to positive cases will be consistent with Warren's Plan. Please don't hesitate to reach out to teachers, counselor, administrators with questions or concerns - We are in this together!

Thank you for taking time each morning to screen your child before coming to school each day. Please continue to do so. Below are symptoms impacting consideration for exclusion from school:

  • A fever of 100.0° F or greater
  • Chills
  • Cough
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Fatigue
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Students and employees should be excluded from school if they test positive for COVID-19 or exhibit two or more of the symptoms of COVID-19 that are not otherwise explained based on ISDH / MCPHD guidance. If in doubt, please don't hesitate to call school at 317-532-1850 for some guidance. We appreciate your support in doing this important screening step each day before sending students to school.

Lakeside Dress Guidelines

Just a reminder that Lakeside is a uniformly dressed school. Click this link below to download the current Lakeside Dress Policy for the 2020-2021 school year. Please contact the office with any questions.

Student Devices -- Please Return Student Devices

Students who will be physically present at Lakeside for the 20-21 school year are asked to bring their devices back to school with them as soon as possible. Items to be returned are:

  • iPad or Chromebook
  • Charging/Power Cord
  • Device Case with keyboards

Students who will be participating in virtual learning will keep their devices at home with them in order to support their learning. If students have not brought devices back to school yet, please do so next week! These devices are needed in the classroom for different learning activities. We appreciate your support in getting devices returned to school as soon as possible!


For the 2020-2021 school year, Warren Township has transitioned to a new student information system called Synergy allowing our parents and caregivers to have improved access to school information through the parent portal called ParentVUE. We are aware that at his time some students’ attendance records are reflecting students are absent, when in fact they were present. This is mostly the case for our students who are attending school VIRTUALLY on application days or in the VIRTUAL opinion full-time. We want to assure you that teachers are keeping accurate attendance records and that we are working to correct attendance records for all our students.

Tip from Tech

Your student's password can now be found on ParentVUE Student Info tab. Look for "Warren Password". Parents can click on Student Info and then scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see it right after the bus information.

We want your child to be as successful as possible at school. Success in school is not just about reading and math. It is also about knowing how to learn and how to get along with others. We will be using the Second Step program in your child’s classroom to teach critical life skills such as: Skills for Learning, Empathy, Emotion Management, bullying prevention, and Problem Solving.

For more information and resources click here.

Have You Completed Your 2020 Census Yet? The Deadline Has Been Extended to October 5!

The 2020 Census deadline has been extended to October 5. Please take a few minutes to complete if you have not done so already!

The results of the Census help support our communities with financial resources for safety, education, roads, and other public services. The Census can be completed online at

It only takes a few minutes to complete your 2020 Census. Please take the time to complete yours now!!

Sonny Day Pantry

Sonny Day Pantry is holding a food and clothing distribution this Saturday, September 12th from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM. Sonny Day is currently working out of Highlander Park located at 10502 E. 21st Street. Items are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Indianapolis Public Library

We have been asked to help out the Indianapolis Public Library and their strategic planning process. This survey is open for everyone – not just people who use the library! There’s a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card as an incentive! The survey is due on Sept. 12 and can be found at

School Hours

Buses/Cars Unload 7:55am 8:05am School Begins

3:05 School Ends 3:10 Buses Depart

Students will not be released from vehicles or school buses

before the a.m. start time. Students must remain in their

vehicle until a Lakeside staff member signals their release.

When a student arrives late, an adult needs to escort

the child to the front door to be buzzed in (no drop-offs). Students only will come to the front office where they will receive a late pass before going to class.

Attendance Calls

Attendance: 532-2850 Parents, please call by 9:00 am each day to report an absence. Please leave the name and room number of your child, your name and the reason for the absence. Please send a note/doctor’s note back to school with your child.

Stay Connected!

Please continue to monitor our website, mobile app, school newsletters, and our social media accounts for updated information. If you haven’t already done so, please consider following Lakeside on Twitter and/or Facebook…

Twitter: @Lakeside_Lions

Facebook: @LakesideLionsDen

School Webpage:

Warren Township App: The Warren app can be downloaded at the Apple and Android App Store.


Respect for Diversity

Academic Excellence

Commitment to Community

Personal Learning Experiences

Equitable Access to Opportunities

Strong and Supportive Relationships

Year Books

Lakeside families, if you have purchased a Lakeside yearbook for your student and was not able to pick it up during our distribution days we will pass them out to students the first few days back to school. If your student is attending Warren's virtual school or you would like to purchase a yearbook please call the office and we can arrange a pick-up time.

Warren App!

Lakeside Families, stay informed with the latest Learn at Home information, staff contacts, social media access, and news updates. It’s everything Warren Township, in your pocket. Download the app on Android: or iPhone:

CAR RIDERS/DAYCARE Student Drop-off/Pick-up Procedures

We ask that our parents follow these guidelines to ensure that every student has a safe arrival and dismissal:

All students will be required to be dropped off and picked up through the car rider line to maintain safety standards. Parking at the front and East end of the building and walking children to and from the entrances will not be allowed. We want to prevent children and adults walking through the path of cars or buses on the property at any time.

Staff members will be present outside beginning at 7:55 a.m. each morning for student drop-off. Please do not release your children until a staff member signals the beginning of our process. Students will not be counted tardy until 8:05 a.m. Our afternoon pick-up procedures will begin at 3:00 p.m. If you are in a hurry, you are encouraged to be at or near the front of the line. We will implement our dismissal procedures as quickly and safely as possible for all.

Thank you very much for your support with helping ensure Lakeside maintains safety as our priority during our student entrance and dismissal each day!



The window for K-8 families to request a change from IN-PERSON to VIRTUAL or VIRTUAL to IN-PERSON for the 2nd quarter will be open from Friday, September 11th to Monday, September 21st. The schedule change will officially take place after the fall intersession break on Monday, October 19th. Lakeside Families, Please click here for the form.

  • The request window opens on Friday, September 11, and closes on Monday, September 21 at 3 p.m. No request will be accepted after the window closes.

  • Families who wish to request a change should submit one form per child. *If families have a student in another building, they will receive a Learning Option Change Request form and information directly from each student’s school.

  • This form should only be completed by those who want to change their learning option. *If you do not want to change your current learning option, please do not fill out the form.

  • A valid parent or caregiver email address is required to submit a Learning Option Change Request form. This email address will be used to send a request confirmation and other important information. Please check and double-check that the correct email is entered and be sure to check your inbox daily. (***This should not be a student email or an

  • Please note: At the beginning of the school year, students in grades K-8 were asked to make a 9-week commitment to their chosen learning option. Grades 9-12 were asked to make an 18-week commitment and therefore will receive learning option change request information at a later time.

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Warren Early Childhood Center

The Warren Early Childhood Center is now enrolling children for both full-day and half-day preschool classes. ECC is a National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accredited program and is rated a Level 4 center on Indiana’s Paths-to-Quality.

Our staff works diligently to provide a safe and nurturing environment so the social and emotional needs of children can be met. We also believe in learning through play. Play is an important component of healthy brain development. It assists with developing social skills, thinking skills, problem-solving, and self-confidence; all the skills necessary for children to learn both academically and about the world around them. ECC accepts CCDF and On My Way Pre-K vouchers. Please call Mary Crabtree in our front office to make an appointment to register, 317-869-4751.


The occasion may arise when the school district wants to recognize your child or your child's school. This may include your child's photo, your child's name or your child's work in district publications, newsletters, on school district websites, and in electronic/social media or in staff training videos. We may also want to tell the media (including newspapers, television, and radio) about your child's achievements. We never knowingly release information about a student to anyone who wants to use it for commercial/political purposes. However, we will honor your request to not include your child in these types of recognitions if you notify your child's school office in writing that you do not want this type of information released.