What killed my Aunt

Benjamin Herding

Whats going on?

Aunt Elda is getting some surgery done. she had to be put under some Anesthesia but she never woke up! was it the doctors fault or did something else happen! I did some investigating with some solutions with Colorimeter. Lets see what i found out!
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My Findings!

In the graph above. those blue dots on it shows what solutions i found. In those solutions the colorimeter will figure out how much absorbance the solution absorbs. The concentration is the percentage on how much solute is in the solution. the percentage I had to put in myself to make the graph work and to show what killed my Aunt!
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What is Anesthesia?

Anesthesia is a drug that takes pain away. For example when a woman gives birth to a child. they get a epidural. thats a shot that they get in their lower back. For another example when someone needs to get their appendix taken out they put a mask on you that gives you gas form of Anesthesia.
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How to do the lab.

the lab you had to make different solutions to figure out if the anesthesia killed my aunt. you had to put different percentage in the beaker. So how you figure it out is that the beaker is 100mL so lets say you have 15% is the solute and the water would be the solvent. so you have to multiply 0.15 by 100 and you get 15. so you put 15mL of food coloring into the beaker and 85mL of water and the make 100mL then you do that with the rest of the percentages to figure out if the anesthesia killed the aunt.