Genocide In Rwanda

By Jessica Bowder

What is it?

  • 100 days of murder
  • mass slaughter of people of Rwanda
  • 800,000-1,000,000 were killed by the Hutu
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Why did the Hutu militias want to kill the Tutsis?

  • 85% of Rwandans are Hutus
  • The Tutsi minority dominated the country
  • Hutus overthrew Tutsi monarchy in 1959
  • Tutsi exiles formed a rebel group (RPF)

  • 1994 plane shot down
  • Everyone on board died
  • Hutu extremists blamed the RPF
  • Hutu started campaign of slaughter against Tutsis
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How was the genocide carried out?

  • Very detailed planned mass murder
  • Hutu militias were given list of who to kill
  • Neighbors killed each other
  • Husbands killed wives
  • Militias set up roadblocks and slaughtered Tutsis
  • Machetes were often used
  • Women were taken and kept as sex slaves

How the World reacted

  • UN and Belgium had forces in Rwanda
  • UN mission had no order to stop the killing
  • The US was determined to not be involved
  • The French sent a force to set up a safe zone

Americans Viewpoints

  • Horror
  • Felt sick
  • Wanted to help
  • Compared to Nazi Holocaust