Pierre Lescot

Mackenzie Luca


-Lescot was born in 1515 and it is said he was born in Paris, France.

-He spent most of his life in France putting togehter new ideas, and planning his future.

-During his younger ages he studied drawing and painting and as an adult he studied math and archirecture.

-Pierre was a hardworker and was very talented in most aspects. He always wanted to be the best and did anytihng to make his dream or accoplishments come true.

-He constructed Architecture and sculptures including the Square Court (1546-1551) and worked with Goujon to construct The Fountain of Innocence(1547-1549). He spent most of it working on the Louvre Palace.

-Lescot brought new ideas to France and was a French Classical Style of architecture creator.

-His patrons were King Francois l, Henry ll, Francois ll, Charles lX and Henry lll.

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Lescot's Architecture: The Fountain of Innocence

-In 1549, Lescot constructed The Fountain of Innocence.

-Today, you may be able to find this piece in Paris, France and is the monumental structure in Paris.

-This piece is very detailed and clearly had a lot of time put into it. It includes all of the renaissance characteristics. The fountain of Innocence constricts of arches, domes, columns, symmetry and details.

-The Fountain of Innocence interests me because its original and a lot of detail was put in to it. It has a lot of history to it

-Secularism and humanism are examples of this piece of art. Humanism because his talents show by the detail shown and the effort put in to it. This interests the people and draws the attention of many people.

-Secularism because this is a public piece for everyone to see. It doesn't revolve around the church anymore.

-"The French architect Pierre Lescot (ca. 1500-1578) was one of the creators of the French classical style of architecture." (Lescot, Pierre, 2)

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By Mackenzie Luca, Block R3/S3