Texas Road Trip

Project For Mr.Scotts Class

El Paso

El Paso Courthouse

We Just Arrived In El Paso We Have Been Travailing For Hours, And The First Thing We Saw Was The El Paso US Courthouse It was huge its been there sence April 25 2001. It Is On 511 W. San Antonio Ave. We Started To Pass It We Oohed And Awed the whole time staring at it. The Year It Is Now Is 2014 We Kept Walking Until We Found Our Holiday Inn With Was Suprizingly Nice! It Was now 9:30 Pm And It Was Time To Go To Bed We Got Up Early!

Franklin Mountians

We Had This Great View Of This Nature Thing I Had No Clue What It Was, But My Dad Realized It. It Was The Franklin Mountains!

After We Got Done Eating Our McDonalds Witch Was Great. My Dad Said Lets Go! As We Walked Up There Was one Of Those Things You Know With All Of The Info. Well Apparently Franklin Mountains Is the Biggest Sustained Mountain ranges In Texas!

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The Statue

We Spent Several Hours Here Admiring The View Until I realized the Time. "Oh No I Yelled!" It Was 3:00 Pm By the time we got out of there it was 3:47 we had one more place to visit then it was off to the airport! instead of driving this rental car to Marfa we where going to fly our flight is at 5:30 So We Need To Hurry! As We Where Walking In we saw this huge guy on a horse i had no clue what it was but every one else was admiring it the statue was actually called the Oñate statue because of the multiculture in El paso with there neighbors Don Juan. its about 4:55 So lets get going see you in marfa I say as the plain takes off!


Marfa Day Of Fun

So We Have A lot To Cover Lets Go. First We Went To A Cool Water Stop Railroad place that's been there sense the town was founded in the 1800s. The Town was original for the railroad place kinda cool huh? So Yata Yata We Spent About 2 Hours there. We ever got to ride a train! What We Did Not Realize Was That There was actually a train ride to El paso! We Where all mad because that would have been cool!

Right next to the train station was a natural park or it was quite noticeable. it was huge its actually called the Big Bend. I did a little research and i found a guy just like us! Check it Out! http://vimeo.com/38259832 Check out the google map for a full 360 off the best parts of it!

Its almost 5:00 and we have one more place to go but first lets go eat! Fact of the day the closet town to Marfa is 200 miles away. For Food we went to Food shark witch had the most reviews! ( It had 4 reviews) It is 6:00 And we are going to an art gallery marfa has been doing art sense the early 1800s to Marfa is known for all of there Unique Style of art. ( "Pilgrims Made it There Play Ground")


12:00 Pm. Finally We all said we are here we flew across Texas just to come see Austin!

We only have one day here so first we are seeing family them they are going to show us around!

when we first arrived we had to get moving we decided to go to the capitol where there had a tour on how Austin was founded and the culture and history of Austin. here is what i wrote down.

Austin was founded on December 27 1839.

Austin has unique culture that some people consider weird, they have a saying :"Keep Austin weird". Austin is known for the Capital, Longhorns, Music, laid back ,quirkiness, and their awesome Texas country concerts.

Austin Nature And Science Center was next it was a cool place kinda like a zoo but not it showed all about the things you might find around Austin. My favorite part was the Skeleton that you could walk through. we did not take one so i found one. Use the link down below.

we are now going to the Capital of Texas witch is awesome inside with a giant star in the center of the building. they give you a tour of the building and the coolest part was The star! The capital was aringanaly built in 1891 But the whole structure got burned down. The new capitol was started in 1885 and finished in 1888.


Historiculture Twist?!

To start we are Galveston! When we got off the bridge we simply took a left to look at the first attraction. We are going to a offshore retired oil rig museum where you get a oil rig experience on how it works and hands on stuff including models and exhibits. This oil rig was made in the 1900s. This Oil rig is also a kind of cultural place. It is culture because back in the day Galveston had a lot of oil rigs and Galveston was big.

So then comes the question why is Galveston not big any more? Well Galveston has been hit many times by hurricanes but the deadliest of all was back in 1983 This was also the first ever hurricane to hit Texas! This hurricane destroyed everything and Galveston was never the same.

Nature Sculp!?

Are last place in Galveston is a tree sculptures? I mean i was not surprised. I mean Galveston is also known for there art. These tree sculptures are really a work of art. I mean its a million things in one. Another thing is Galveston use to be Major Import Station.


Fort Phantom Hill Was first up we found this site on trip advisory and there where loads of comments saying you can smell the history. So we had to go! Fort Phantom Hill is part of the Texas fort trail! The trail is 650 miles long and its full of history! This fort was occupied from 1881 to 1884 Shortly after the army left a fire burned the logs of the roofs so what remains is still there today! This image is the part of it that is the hospital.

The Abilene State Park

Next we are checking out the Abilene State Park, There are a load of trains and wildlife. In some area its really green and a great experience. There are lake houses, tent sites and more! There is also Nature Study here. There is swimming fishing boating.

Frontier Texas

Are last place to see is Frontier Texas. We where greeted by a 12 minute welcome video. Then it was a tour now this was all about Frontier Texas. To start it has are history from 1700- 1800 ( Who Ruled Texas). Back then the Comanche ruled Texas, Comanche bands were groups of extended family lines that supported each other in hunting, trading and fighting. After a while we come to see how life was and how it is now. Sadly This Abilene Trip Is Over And We Are Heading to spring town.


Old Post Office Museum

This Museum is not your normal museum. well it really is just more to do. This really Shows the culture of Graham and history. This old post office is from the 1950s or so it was revamped to be a museum. This museum also had art shows witch we went to so. it was awesome we got to miss the worst part of a museum! THE TOURS!!!!

Possum Kingdom State Park

We are renting a cabin for the day first of all there is more than 300 miles of shoreline, clear blue water, and many visitors can swim, boat, fish, ski, scuba dive, and snorkel. The park also offers camping, picnicking, hiking, biking, nature study, and air-conditioned cabins. witch is the best part. We all could not dis side on what to do but i assure you we figured it out.


Prairie Dog Town is filled with well Prairie Dogs. Its a great experience as you get to watch Prairie Dogs. Its really coll a lot of them stare at you others are used to it. My grandfather used to hunt these little creatures.

Texas Tech

Texas tech the raiders. Its a great school and its a great experience. My uncle just graduated from Texas Tech. He loved it the only problem is the sand storms and the wind.

Texas Tech is really big on there football as they beat Ut recently. Texas tech has really good schooling. There are some downs like its hot big classes and more but over all its a great school.

National Ranching Heritage Center

This is all about the ranching of Lubbock. Above I did not say the most important Con The cattle poop.......Smell.You can smell this from miles away and it REEKS! Lets get past this and move on to the National Ranching Heritage Center. There are loads of things to do including hands on things. You can also take tours around old houses and even see some real old stuff. This was one of the coolest parts of the trip. It has a 5 star Review.

Sweet Water

Rattle Snake Round Up! And The National WASP WWII Museum!

If you like snakes well this is the place to go. They have way over 100 Rattle snakes. Not normal snakes Rattle snakes. This really shows the spirit of Texas. This is defiantly a place i would never go. Well because I hate snakes. Rattle snakes are a common fear in Texas as they are one of the most deadly snakes in the world. I have only encountered a snake ones and it was not poisons but it was funny!
National WASP WWII Museum! Is 1 of many World war 2 Museums This one was made out of an old ware house. You know those curvy ones. The National WASP WWII Museum Purpose is to teach and inspire people by telling The WW2 story to little kids. Also occasionally plains can come and fly over and land in front of your. Pretty cool? Well if you thought that was cool the area around it was green as heck!

The Creek Of Sweetwater

At the Creek Of Sweetwater you are aloud to bring your canvas and paint witch i though was cool But you can mold clay or use pastels. Creek Of Sweetwater is all about relaxing they even suggest you reserve a spot so you can go! Sadly they had to take away some of the best parts because of the heath of the creek. They used to have hiking trails and school field trip days and more.
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After Going around Texas for about a week i come to realize all the things Texas has to do! My favorites Was Well i never thought i would say this, the museums.