MHS Media Center Minutes

November 2017

Collaboration Celebration!

Thank you to Ms. Van Dyke, Ms. Parks, Ms. Graham, Ms. Ward, Mr. Bustle, Ms. Fitzsimmons, Ms. Velarde, Ms. Kunkle, Ms. Mayfield, Ms. Davis, Ms. Carr, and Ms. Hall for requesting curriculum resources, scheduling time in the Media Center, and/or asking Mrs. Brawley & Mrs. Stutts to work with your students in October. We look forward to the collaborative opportunities that this month holds!

As we make progress toward achieving our school-wide growth mindset goal, we're reflecting on the collaboration strides we've made with MHS teachers over the last year. Although we've not been able to plan with every teacher & department due to time or space constraints (our apologies), we are committed to improving our collaboration with you during 2nd quarter.

Literacy Shout Out

Coach Clark's English 1 students created book projects for their independent reading selections. Stop by the library and check out their artistic displays of book covers, character social media posts, summaries, and more!

Want to show off your students' work in the Media Center? Beyond color printing and laminating, we are happy to offer wall space, bookshelves, and tables. We can also assist in grading student projects and checking citations.

Student Project Credits

Tears of a Tiger drawing by Kailie Rockness

One of Us is Lying cover by Jackson Woods

All American Boys Facebook post by Reed Sullivan

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl drawing by Vittoria Mazzone

Let's Work Together to Empower Learners!

Mrs. Brawley and Mrs. Stutts are reading and discussing Empower by John Spencer and A.J. Juliani in our district school librarian PLN this fall. If you or your ELT would like to study this book with us, please let us know. For more information about moving toward empowered student learning environments, watch the video below.

Classroom Environment Self-Assessment

What small adjustments could you make to empower your students?

How might you redesign a lesson you taught last year for this year's students?

How do you want your students to remember you, long after they've left your class?

Compare the chart below with our M-Powerment Strategies and consider the empowerment possibilities, as you work on your #PineapplePD Menu Board.

Big image

Image Courtesy of A.J. Juliani, Co-author oF Empower

The Importance of Proper Attribution

Perhaps you've posted a quote online or chanced upon one that you later learned was not quoted correctly. Listen as John Green shares his experience of this dilemma. We also recommend this video by DPI's School Library Media & Digital Citizenship Consultant Kathy Parker for additional copyright conversations.

When in doubt, cite...and cite often!

Need a Longer Power Strip?

We have 15 foot power strips that are waiting to find a new home in your classroom.

Please fill out this form if you would like a longer power strip.

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Our mission is to provide personalized learning environments, offer equitable access to resources, and ensure a well-rounded education for every student.