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Jeans Day? Jeans Week? We can do better than that! Tuesday marks the official beginning of the "December is for Denim" event at Winskill. Enjoy jeans any day/every day for the rest of the month!

Educator Effectiveness Update

*I cannot start an update on this topic without taking a moment to thank Brenda Mezera and Chris Corell for all of their work on the Google Classroom set up for our EEP work. I have heard nothing but positive comments from staff on how much easier this has been to use. I'm a little nervous that Teachscape is going to try to hire them away from us! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I'm excited to say that the 1:1 meetings with this year's Summary Year teachers are complete, and while I didn't make my self-imposed deadline of having those done by Thanksgiving, it wasn't procrastination that brought on the delay. For those of you in Supporting Years, please make sure that you completed the self-review, along with the PPG and SLO pieces. I have found the self-review to be such a wonderful tool- it not only helped me to better understand what I am expected to demonstrate in my role as an educator, but it also really prompted me to reflect on how I'm doing in each of the categories. Taking a hard look at oneself is tough. It's not easy to acknowledge our weaknesses and downfalls, but at the same time, it's a vital part of growing as an educator. Also, it is important to remember that while the SLO is about STUDENT growth and learning, your PPG is about YOUR growth and learning as an educator. This is where that self-review really comes in- where did you find your greatest needs to be? Classroom management? Questioning? Assessment? If there is a specific topic or area that you are looking for information/resources, etc please let me or Niki know. We are constantly sharing articles, blog-posts, etc with one another and would be happy to send things your way as well.

I have started the classroom walk-throughs (also known as mini-observations), so please don't panic if I appear in your classroom with my i-Pad in hand. These will normally be 15-20 minutes in length (unless I lose track of time!) and I will try to immediately follow up with you, most likely via email, but in person if I can do so without interrupting your life too much. Official observations will begin after we return from Christmas Break, but I am going to start scheduling those now, so please contact me if you are a Summary Year person to set those up.

News from Dave Allen at CESA 3

The Last New Teacher Support Seminar – Wednesday December 16th 4:30 – 7:00 PM

The last of the 5 New Teacher Support Seminars for beginning teachers has two really important topics that you may want your new folks to get information on. Dave will be addressing “Legal Issues in the Classroom” during the first part of the evening and then covering the “PDP Writing Process for Licensing” during the second part of the evening. It is really important to have register ahead of time so we get an accurate count for the evening meal.

PDP Writing Session – Thursday December17th from 1:00 -3:30 PM

This session is for any educator how needs help in writing their PDP. New or veteran, teacher or administrator. All are welcome. Dave will be reviewing the PDP Process for everyone and then coaching individuals with their specific PDP.

PDP Reviewer Training for Continuing Reviewers ( Refresher)

DPI has now released the process to be used by current PDP Reviewers to “refresh” their status as a PDP Reviewer. All current PDP Reviewers will have their reviewing privileges end on June 30th of 2016 unless they complete this new DPI “refresher course” for current PDP Reviewers. The process is completely done on-line and takes about 2 hours of time. Please let Leah know if you need the attachment that will guide you to the training site on the DPI web page. Current PDP Reviewers are encouraged to take the refresher and continue as reviewers.

#Highfives and #Fistbumps

"I'd like to give the following staff members high fives for their help with Little Arrows:

Sarah Williams for pumping up basketballs and laying out the shirts/shorts

Diane McWilliams for helping hand out shirts and balls Saturday morning.

Karly Enloe and Emily Brunton for being coaches for the girls

Patrick Ralph for being a coach with the boys.

We had a great first morning!" Missy

"High five to Cassy for coming to remind me we had to switch rooms for our Christmas Around the World unit. I had a class waiting outside and mine had to switch to her room. I had completely forgotten. She even offered to take my class and the one I was supposed to get because I wasn't quite prepared, but we made it work." Patrick

"Please give Carrie and Kate a #Highfive for always going above and beyond in the 4K classroom!" Alisha

#Fistbumps to Sue and Marcia for letting Kate into the building this evening"

#Highfives and #Fistbumps to Missy, Patrick, Alisha, and Kate for recognizing the great things happening around our building!

Looking Ahead...please let me know if you have events to add!

Monday, December 7

Leah out of district-SLATE conference

Specials Team mtg @11:20

4K PLC @1:00

3-5 RtI meeting @3:30 Maggie's room

Mentee Mtg @3:30 at LHS

Tuesday, December 8

SpEd PLC mtg @8:15

Admin mtg @9:00

1st gr PLC @11:00

5th gr PLC @2:15

Leah out of district-SLATE conference

Homework Club @3:15 (lunchroom)

Wednesday, December 9


Leah out of district-SLATE conference

4th gr PLC @8:15

3rd gr PLC @9:15

Kdg PLC @10:45

Door Decorating contest deadline

Thursday, December 10

Grades due

2nd gr PLC @10:20

*Love & Logic w/ Paul Gasser session for staff @3:30

**Love & Logic w/Paul Gasser Parent Session

Dinner @5:30 pm; Presentation @6:00

Childcare will be provided!


Friday, December 11

Mid-quarters go home

Faculty Leadership Agenda items due from Grade Level Chairs

Monday, December 14

K-5 RtI meeting @3:30 Angie's room

Tuesday, December 15

SpEd PLC mtg @8:15

Admin mtg @9:00

Homework Club @3:15 (lunchroom)

Wednesday, December 16

4th gr PLC @8:15

3rd gr PLC @9:15

Kdg PLC @10:45

3rd grade Music Performance @Orchard Manor at 1:30

Faculty Leadership Mtg- library

Thursday, December 17

Homework Club @3:15 (lunchroom)

Friday, December 18

Leave your lunchbox at home today! The office team will be providing lunch for all!

**With the shortened week, teams may decide to not hold their regulary team/PLC meetings

Monday, December 21

"Wear Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Day"

K-2 RtI mtg @3:30 in Title 1 room

"Non-Mystery Bus Outing" at Linda McKelvey's

Tuesday, December 22

"Bring on the Bling Day" Deck yourself in your glitziest jewelry and sparkles!

All School Singalong @8:30

Holiday Parties in pm

*No Homework Club

Wednesday, December 23

"We're Gettin' Out Wednesday" Dress for comfort today!

Early Dismissal @11:45 am

Happy Holidays, everyone!