Break Out Of The'Yes'&'No' Replies

How To Break Out Of The Yes & No Routine Replies

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Children not only need love but, also a lot of extra bits of care. Dealing with children can sometimes be stressing for parents because handling them requires patience and a big amount of tact. One cannot just impose themselves on them. A broken child is harder to repair than a broken pot.

The article details a few tricks that can be followed to put forth your thoughts to your child without him losing interest and how to get better and cleared replies rather than a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. It is indeed true that parents and school authorities play a crucial role in development of a child and thus, it becomes equally important for parents with the support of the school authorities to assure safer schooling to their child.

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Children are very receptive. They take in everything as it is, especially from school. But, at the same time, they can also be very self-critical when they don’t understand what happened with them or when they don’t understand how to put their experience in words. Often a child will open up with his mother and tell her everything but, at times when he himself cannot make sense out of the world, he, in most cases will choose to stay shut. Such behaviour is not only nerve-wrecking for the mothers but, it’s also very irritating. A mother would but naturally want to ease her child’s mental trauma. But, what can a mother do when she can’t understand what exactly is going on with the child? How can a mother possibly get inside her child’s brain and grasp what exactly happened?

Here a few tried and tricks to help you open up your child and break out of the ‘yes’ & ‘no’ routine replies:

Make it a routine habit to converse with your child and know how his day went. When you notice him not being comfortable in talking, you can tell him about your day. Perhaps, ask him his thoughts about your day. Get him to chat with you by waiting for him to reply and giving him chances to speak his mind. Avoid using the mobile phone during such conversations and concentrate only and only on your child.

Cook for him a quick snack or an energy drink to boost his spirits to open up a bit. A good dose of sugar and protein can do wonders when your child is upset over something. Even a chocolate or a candy treat would do to help him break out this vacuum-like shell he inadvertently created for himself.

Ask him if he needs any help with his classes or is there something else he needs help with. Have a look at his activity book and his art book just to engage him to explain what he has drawn. Share your thoughts about his sketches and ask him if you’ve missed something?

Compliment him about how obedient as a child and a student he is and why he is your biggest pride. No wonder it is said that a little compliment can make or break a day. Try complimenting him. He just might smile and open up a bit more with you.

Don’t pressurize him to talk there and then. Give him some time. Meanwhile, you could finish a chore or something else. He’ll for sure say something or do something to catch your eye.

If still nothing helps, you could always give him a tight and long soothing hug, whispering to him how much you love him and that you are always there for him. Some tender love and care, in large proportions now and then just might do the trick.

Reassure him that he can share anything to everything with you without any fear of judgement and that you would do everything to protect him. Let him know that you’re his rock and that he can always rely and confide in you, no matter what.

Finally, let him be and wait for him to come to you. When one lets a child be; he comes in touch with the young independent adult inside of him. He realises that his acceptance matters and he can’t be pushed around.

A strong mother-child relationship not only builds a confident and secure child but, also lets him be an asset for his home. Mothers should encourage open flow of communication and try to be present for the child at all times. A little pillow of protection will not only give you much peace of mind but, will also boost your little one’s self-confidence.

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