Beach Erosion

By Courtney, Luis, and Derrick

Questions 1-5

1. Sea level can rise and flood areas. It can also wash away shores.

2. Beach houses along the shore can be washed away.

3.The Mississippi delta region in Louisiana is an example of constant beach erosion.

4.Sea turtles and trees on the shore are mostly affected.

5. Man made structors can effect coastal ecostystems and wildlife and natural beach shaping.

Beach Erosion Pictures

Questions 6-10

6. League City is not effected by beach erosion because it is not along the shore lines.

7. People can lose their homes. People can also lose their boats from the sea level rising.

8. Beach Erosion is caused by constant wave, high tides, and low tides.

9. People put Breakwater Tubes to make the water flow into another direction instead of going along the shore.

10. We can move the sea walls closer to the beaches.