Third Grade News from Mrs. C

Sept. 28th - Oct. 2nd

Tidbits From the Teacher

Hi Everyone-

It's been another busy week in our classroom. The class put on plays about several of the amendments on Friday and that was really fun to watch. It helped everyone better understand WHY the Constitution had some changes made.

We are looking over our first math test and then I'll post the grades. Please don't be alarmed if you see a lower than expected grade! Everyone is learning how to take math tests. When we began analyzing our work, several students discussed how they got tangled up in the multi-step problems. (They are used to working one step and that is the answer. In third grade, we take that first answer and apply it to a second step to find the final total.)

I am preparing conference forms as you read this. I'll put up a sign up sheet with plenty of options. If you have another child here at Sommer, find out when their conference will be held and I'll try my hardest to get you in my room on the same day and with a nearby time! Since you will have questions and want to chat, I'm alotting 25 minutes per conference and students do NOT have to be present but are welcome to attend.

Dates to Remember

Sept. 25th: Math Super Stars BEGINS!! ( Here's the website to use!) *IF YOU WORK ON MATH SUPER STARS, you can trade 1 super star page/week for one day of fluency practice.

Sept. 21-Oct. 9th: Stuff the Boot fundraiser

Oct. 9th: Mrs. C will be absent and Mrs. Salman will be my sub

Oct. 13th-16th: Book Fair

Oct. 16th: Movie Night!!

Class Wish List

The class (and I) wish for...

-Lysol Wipes to clean desks daily

-click pens in blue ink

-tape and staples for their use during writing and creation station time

What We're Studying and Learning...

Reading- Students will be learning about the theme of a story. As they read, they will learn to identify the author’s message, lesson or overall idea of the literature. As you watch your child read this week, ask them to identify the theme of the story they are reading and discuss evidence from the story to support their thoughts.

Handwriting- We practiced cursive c and now move on to a. Our chant is, "If you pick up your pen, you will need to start again." It turns out that linking letters looks way easier than it actually is.

Writing- Students will be finishing their personal narratives and conferring with me this week. Ask students what a compliment sandwich is all about.

PBL- We have been exploring ways to make common spaces work better at Sommer. We noticed that there are problems with being loud in the mornings, the cafeteria, then again at dismissal. Students brainstormed ways to keep students focused and out of trouble. This week we will begin writing letters to our principals and PTA to ask for some changes and possible help buying specific items to help students follow expectations. Ask your child who is he/she writing to and why.

Math- Students will be working with the x2 and x4 multiplication strategies. They will also work problems involving concepts taught earlier based upon information gathered from the first test. Ask your child to explain the relationship between the x2 and the x4 strategies.

Science- Students will be exploring the properties of solids, liquids, and gases. As students conduct exploration activities in groups, they will be developing their scientific inquiry and discovery skills.

Other Items of Interest to You!

1. We celebrate tangles in our room. Ask your child to explain what the tangle picture means.

2. The class wish list is usually items the class has asked me to try to get for them.

3. Here is the link to the PTA website! This organization does so much for our students, the teachers, and the school. Please remember to join PLUS check out all of the super amazing things that are happening because of PTA.